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08/12/2017 12:19 PM 

Happily Ever After.

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up! Wake up!" A happy Jaxon called out excitedly to a sleeping Noelle and Harry. "Erg...buddy. It's too early to get up." Harry slowly got out as Noelle continued to sleep. That was until Jaxon curled up against her and wrapped his little arms around her neck as he kissed her cheek. "Mommy, me want to go eat breakfast and go to the park." A three year old Jaxon begged his mother as Noelle smiled and slowly opened her eyes. "Well I suppose if a little handsome man wants to go eat and go to the park I shouldn't resist shall I?" Noelle asked her son as Jaxon smiled brightly and shook his head. "Nope. Me won't let you say no mommy." Jaxon told his mother with a smile as Noelle set up in the bed. "Then I guess I have nothing else to say but...okay. We can eat breakfast and go to the park. As soon as your daddy wakes up and I get your little sister up." Noelle told her son with a smile. 

Noelle smiled and got up out of bed. She knew today was going to be a very busy day. She was going to get to spend it with her husband and her kids. It was everything that Noelle wanted. Everything she had ever dreamed of. All of it was happening right now. The biggest thing for Noelle was that she was married and had a family with the love of her life Harry. He was everything to her and now she was getting to start a family with him. They had two beautiful kids Jaxon and Darcy. They were always told that they were the cutest kids in the world and Noelle absolutely agreed with anyone who would tell her that. "Do you want me to get Darcy while you cook breakfast baby?" Harry asked with a smile as he sat up and pressed his lips to her shoulder. Noelle smiled and lifted her husband's head up as she kissed him passionately. "That would be perfect baby. I love you so much." Noelle told her husband with a smile.

"I love you too babygirl. Let'd go get our kids ready before they have a hissy fit. Especially this little one right here." Harry told Noelle with a smile as she began to play around with Jaxon. Noelle smiled and watched as Harry and Jaxon played around and laughed. She was in love with everything about Harry and the fact that he was such an incredible father made everything she loved about him that much more amazing. Even though he wasn't here all the time Noelle could tell Jaxon admired his dad just for what he was doing. Risking his life to help find a cure for Alzheimers was something that Harry was doing to help other people. Both Harry and Noelle did things and had a passion for doing things to help other people. It was their weakness and what they both loved about each other. The loved to help people and make other people happy because that was important to them. They had always been that way.

Noelle smiled as she got up out of bed and wrapped her robe around her tying it slowly. She walked out of the room and down the long hallway. She made her way down five flights of stairs and into the foyer. After she got into the foyer she walked into the dining room and then into the kitchen. "Do you guys want pancakes for breakfast?!" Noelle called upstairs. "Yes please! Better make Jaxon's Choclate Chip babe!" Harry called back down to her as Noelle smiled. "Will do. Make sure to let Snicker's and Brownie out of our room so they can come downstairs and eat when you bring Jaxon and Darcy down babe!" Noelle called back up to them with a smile. She walked to the pantry and opened the door grabbing the dog food out and then opened the dog food bag and poured it into Snicker's and Brownie's bowls for when they came downstiars. She then closed the bag and made her way back to the pantry putting the dog food bag back down on the floor and closed the pantry door. 

She smiled as she walked to the pantry once more and opened it getting out the pancake mix. She then got the syrup down and a few paper plates. They liked to use paper plates in the morning because it was a faster and easier way for them to clean up. She grabbed three paper plates since she knew Darcy was still breast feeding. She then closed the pantry and opened the cabinets as she grabbed pan and then grabbed a spatual from the drawer. She turned the stove on to high and then walked to the fridge and grabbed the butter. She opened the door to the cabinet once more and grabbed the no stick spray then set the pan on the stove and sprayed the pan with the no stick spray. She put the butter on the pan and then once it was warm enough began to make the pancake batter in the mixing bowl. "Alright boys! I'm making the pancakes now!" Noelle called up to her husband and her son. She could hear how excited they were.

Noelle smiled as she heard the boys coming down the stairs. She put the pancake batter that she had made onto the pan after pouring it from the mixing bowl and then waited a bit for it to get ready. She grabbed Jaxon's plate and once the pancake was brown on one side she fliped the pancake and began to wait for the other side to be done. Once it was done as well she used the spatula to take the pancake off the pan and then walked over to where Harry was putting Jaxon in his high seat and placed the plate with the pancake in front of him as she bent down and kissed the top of his head gently. "There you go my sweet prince. I hope you like it. Once you finish we will go get you ready and then we can head to the park after I feed your sister." Noelle told her son with a smile as she looked up at her husband. "I'll be making your pancakes now baby." She told him with a smile as she walked over to him and kissed him passionately.

Noelle smiled and walked back over to the stove. She poured the batter into the pan and then once the pancake was done she flipped it and when it was completely done she put it on a plate. She did this for 5 pancakes. 3 for Harry and 2 for her. After she was done she turned off the stove and picked up both of the plates. She walked back over to the table and set Harry's down in front of him and hers in her spot. She then got the syrup off the counter and put it on the table. She got Harry and herself coffee and Jaxon some juice. After everything was ready they said grace and then began to eat. After they were done Noelle breast fed Darcy and then all of them got cleaned up downstairs. "Alright guys, it's time to go get changed and then park here we come!" Noelle told them excitedly as she held Darcy in her arms. "Yay! Me love you mommy and daddy!" Jaxon yelled out excitedly as he hugged them both and then they all went upstairs to get ready. 


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