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August 19th, 2017

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 25
Country: Germany

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August 11, 2017

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08/11/2017 11:36 PM 

Who I am hates who I been! From Crybaby to homicidal flower and Reborn as Prince Azzy

Long ago my family the Dreemurr family were the elite aristocratic order of all Monster kind over and under Mt. Ebott. My parents Queen Toriel and King Asgore were nice as can be to all mortals. I was shortly born after the great Monster and Human war. Monster kind was locked away until a fallen angel would free us. The refugees of Monster kind survived in the Ruins of Dreemurr Castle, the towns Snowdin, Hotlands, Wishing gem caves, Ferry of River Person, the Core and Home were our new districts.

I was a depressed little princeling as an only child and my parents scared of what would happen if the humans were to seek us I often read books, baked with mother, had tea, trainned with the royal guard Gesrson along side Undyne an orphan fish girl Gearson adopted. 

My life had adventures to the dump where all Monster kind would go for supplies not available underground. One day I was looking after the flowers when CHARA came into the Dreemurr household. My parents and I adopted him unaware of the real demon and mental illness  he possessed. At first CHARA was selfish of sweets especially chocolate, also knives went missing and Dr. W.D
 Gaster was working on a core to help break our curse. One day Daddy got ill from a butter cup flower pie we made him.......

Eventually CHARA convinced me if we took his life and headed to the surface the curse would break. I soon learned that while Humans assuming CHARA was dead by my hand and not suicide tired to kill me. I brought home CHARA. I collapsed into ashes nearly gone, at this time Dr. Gaster was lost to the Core and timelines were altered. Dr. Alphys managed to use DETERMINATION and a golden flower to make me the soulless Flowey the Flower.

I was the cause of 6 human children dying, they were lambs ti slaughter and as Flowey I felt nothing. I was so sick of resets, sa e points by the time my dearest savior Frisk. My parents and monster kind were those who fought if provoked and most humans were idiots that would die and Undyne harvested the souls for my father. My parents spilt up after my death neither knew Flowey was my form and I was a brat. The fact Frisk wanted to save everything and everyone was my redemption and well Frisk is my treasure. Chara is always my demonic henchman and he will kill all who ruin the Dreemurr empire. I also know that Temmies confuse mortals they are cats with a touch of doggo dna and loyal to thier masters.


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