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08/11/2017 11:16 PM 

AC (8/11)

There was always another side to a person. What the world sees, and what is deep in their chore. Everyone has a darkness within them, just a matter of how deep you have to dive. As for Cecily, it was deep within. For she took in so much negative energy, torment, mistreatment through out the years, and held it deep within her. Soaking it in, until the most evil creatures brew, and her revenge was taken over the edge. The moment her mother sank into the ground, one by one each of her wrong doers would slowly  be released. 

2012, the year when Trent Foster was sent away. Her time in Sloane MA short for that brief stay, and she was kept in the shadows, of the town. Many of the ones she was raised with, who would remember her from childhood and her neurotic mother had their own heads so far up each others asses, they paid little attention to the stray girl staying at the motel on Main Ave, funded by Trent himself. Didn't mean that Cecily didn't do the best with her time. Didn't cause her own havoc during her stay. 

Savanah Dylan was one of the towns sweethearts, next to Elsie of course. Long brown hair that reached the middle of her back, blue eyes that could get the smallest of souls trapped deep within them. Smile that could make a man listen to every one of her commands, dropping to their knees for her. But, with that kind of power that beauty brings, it also can come with the entitlement as well. Every time Cecily walked through the halls at school, it was Savanahs God given gift to point her out. Trip her, push her into a wall, belittle her in any way possible. You can imagine how tickled Cecily was when she returned to Sloane, and found out that Savanah was 7 months pregnant with her bastard child of a man four years her elder. 

And what a piece of work he was. Didn't take very much really in order to convince him back to her room. The man drank Jameson like a fish, and luckily for her was an open book. Apparently, the two were due to be married in a few weeks time, before the child was born. Not by his choice, but more of judgment of the town and Savanahs constant nagging and obsession with the man, she was completely smitten. But to say to least, his attraction towards younger women did not let up, and by the end of the night he accompanied her on the other side of the bed. 

It wasn't as if Cecily didn't like the guy, for all she could have known he may or may not have had a wonderful personality. However this wasn't the intention for the night. There was only one item on her agenda, it was a coincidence she showed up at his favorite watering hole with her fake ID in hand that declared her as "Bethany Robinson". This was not a night that would be shared with lust, at least not on her half. This was about getting back a part of her, that was stolen so many years ago. 

30 minutes, if that and he layed there passed out, smell of liquor on his breath. Only needed a few snapshots, enough to make to pain the picture out of the event, maybe glorify it just a tad. Her head, kissing the males cheek, hair covering any of her features. One of his body, with her arm wrapped around his stomach, flesh on flesh. Cecily had watched enough dramas in her time to cover all the angles. And by the morning came the next day, he was up and left for work without even a second glance in her direction, likely confused on how he had even gotten to the hotel in the first place. 

Holding onto the pictures until the right time, and keeping out of sight of the rest of the town for the next few weeks as Trent was shipped off to jail. Her last little farewell to the town, as formed in a small white envelope. Addressed to Miss Savanah Dylan, sent to her work at the Elegant Nails Inc -Sloanes local beauty parlor. From what she heard, the wedding didn't go ass planned, apparently there was some kind of adultery in the relationship. Savanah left Sloane, to live with her grandmother up state somewhere to raise the child on her own, as a single mother at 18.

Karmas a bitch when you are fighting against the church girl. 


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