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Katrina Salone

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October 9th, 2017

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Gender: Female

Age: 29
Country: United States

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July 17, 2017



07/17/2017 07:27 PM 

Heritage Finding (Part three) {Solo}

This was a trip of a life time. After going to her local public library and doing all the research that she could, Kat found herself heading for the UK. Never had she imagined this when she first started this research into finding her ancestors that it would land her in the UK out of all places. Still she didn't learn much about why she was so different from everyone else, well she didn't learn anything more on that really. So hopefully this will tell her more. And more about her parents. Getting off the plane, she went through customs, left the airport after getting her suitcase and caught a taxi to her hotel so she can freshen up before going to the library to continue her research. Paying the drier, she made her way to the reception desk in the hotel lobby to check in. After getting her room her and instructions of where to find her room. Once in her room, Kat quickly unpacked and refreshed before she left for the library. At the library, Kat was shown to the ancestry section where she could look into the villages of old to find her people. There were many myths surrounding the villages in the UK and it was hard to select which one she should start in. According to her research, her ancestors came from many of the villages and she didn't know which one to believe. Selecting a random text, as good as any place to start, she started down at an empty table in that section and began reading. She was reading texts from the fifth village, when something inside of her sat up and paid attention. After finishing reading about the fifth village, Kat went back to the hotel for the night. She ordered room service and had an early night. She had to get up early, prepare for a trip out to the village with an overnight bag. She also had to book a car from a car rental place. Her alarm went off all to soon, turning it off, Kat got up and quickly got ready. She ate breakfast down in the hotel's little cafe and asked a couple of the waitress for the best car rentals locations. After making a couple of phone calls, she selected one and left the hotel to that location. Kat got into the car, after paying with her credit card and signing the paper work, and made the long journey to the village. The village was no longer a village as such, but a pile a rubble here and there instead. Apparently, the village burned down 40 years ago in a storm or something, and the forest quickly reclaimed the land. Pulling into the long driveway of the camping grounds closet to the village, Kat looked around her full of nerves. She had never camped out in her life, coming from the city and all, and she was relieved to find out that the camping grounds supplied cabins as well. Stopping in the parking lot by the camping grounds office, Kat killed the engine, got out and made her way to the office then over to the reception desk. Kat got given the cabin number and key, signed the necessary paper work and paid with her credit card. Back in the car, she drove around the camp grounds until she found the cabin that she would be staying in. Killing the engine and getting out, Kat got her bag and went into the cabin. When she set every thing up, she went out, locked up and went into the forest. She was only here for a night, so she might as well get started


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