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Katrina Salone

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October 9th, 2017

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Gender: Female

Age: 29
Country: United States

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July 17, 2017



07/17/2017 07:25 PM 

Heritage Finding (Part two) {Solo}

The local public library wasn't much to look at. Especially after the summer storms and soon the harsh winter. But it was what it was, and very popular at that. Kat mounted the steps and made her way to the doors. She had a lot of books to find and the only place she could start was with the computer that helped you to find the books locations and if it was available. Making her way into the library, she wasn't at all surprised by the mass of people that were already in here and the space that could fit many more with ease. Going over to the computer, Kat pulled out the note book paper that she made this list of book titles on and started searching for the books. She wrote down the books locations with a provided pencil. Leaving the computer, Kat made her way through the ails of books to get to the locations she needed. After collecting all the books that her arms could handle she made her way to a center table, popped the books down, sat in a chair and started glancing over all the pages one book at a time. She didn't really know what she was meant to be looking for but with following the instructions that were given to her in that letter, she was bound to find. She spent all day in the library. The time seemed to wiz by. After Kat looked at all the books, she decided to take the trip to the UK to find out more. Most of the references came from the UK originally, so it was a given that she would find out more there. She left the library thinking about all that she needed to do to go there. She already had her passport from that interstate trip that she did a couple of years ago. But she would need to arrange some time off work. She headed home to get ready to start her shift at the restaurant.


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