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Katrina Salone

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October 9th, 2017

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Gender: Female

Age: 29
Country: United States

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July 17, 2017



07/17/2017 07:23 PM 

Heritage Finding (Part one) {Solo}

After years of finding out nothing about her family and having no clue of where to start looking, a friend at uni suggested trying and giving then a DNA sample might go a long way into doing just that. After doing some research, Kat ordered the DNA kit from the website. When it arrived, she quickly did the swabs and posted it back. For a couple of weeks Kat waited and waited for anything from them to no end. When she was starting to doubt and thinking that they were nothing but scammers, a letter arrived from them. Nervous as hell. That's the only way to describe where her emotions were at as she looked at the unopened letter in her hands. A million thoughts flashed through her mind as she considered what to do. She thought to get her friend who suggested the website to open it with her, then she thought better of it. She always thought that she was different from everyone else. That something inside of her was waiting to be unleashed. What was waiting? She couldn't say. She hadn't a clue. But maybe now she could get some answers. The letter contained only a few simple things. Such as that they received her package, that they thanked her, that they found her ancestors and the link to find them. She only had her uni email address and wasn't willing to ever get another one. She absolutely hated technology and went against using it whenever she could. Mind you, she did have a laptop and an iPhone, but that was for uni and to use Skype with her friends. So they sent her a letter instead, because she didn't give them an email address. On her laptop, Kat typed in the link address that was given and started exploring. She got lost in exploring the names of her ancestors and time flew by. Some of the stuff she needed to continue on with her research, she needed to go to the library to borrow the books that came up. Looking at the time on her phone, she realised that it was late and decided to call it a night.


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