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07/16/2017 08:43 PM 

Category: Stories

Three months into the future ;

It had been a few months since Abigale aka Evianna came back to the land of the living. Well... if you could call it living. She was there yes. Breathing , eating, shifting into whatever she wanted. Hell she doing all the normal things that people did but she was missing one very important part of her.

Her bloody heart. The one very thing she needed to continue her life here on earth.

From the moment she took her last breath she remembered everything about herself. Where she came from, who her family was... who she was inside. She was princess of her own damn planet. Her mother, a witch from another planet wed her father for an alliance, the end result was Abigale and a father who resented them both. He wanted a son, a man to take his spot. Instead he got her. A witch/shifter who would one day take his place.

Over the years he beat and tormented his daughter mentally and physically, promising her off to another man to form exactly what he and her mother did. Abigale being the woman she was wouldn't have it and did the unspeakable. She gave her innocence to another man. Her caring mother tried covering it up.

Even so, they knew they could never hide a thing from him. He found out in record time, as well as her mothers secret lover . He erased their memory and banned them to earth. But what he didn't know was her mother placed a spell on Abigale not fully allowing him to make her forget, but would allow her memories to slowly come back. But even when her mother thought she was one step ahead, he had planted a seed on earth, a spy of sort to watch over and pretend to be Abigale's friend. The moment the snake made word to her father that she was remembering bits and pieces, it was time for him to step in and remove her from existence.

Which he almost succeeded .

" Oh come on now, don't you go fibbing . " Evi smirked, circling the man they called Rukon . This was her first actual lead about where she could find her father. Go figure it would be all around the world in Toyko .

So using her beautiful smile and a sh*t ton of booze she charmed the man and pretended she was going to give him a happy ending back at her hotel. Ha, Instead she now had him tied up , battered and bruised .

F***ing idiot.

Her crystal blue eyes flashed to black quickly before turning back normal " You know what happens when someone lies to me Sweetie??" She leaned down, standing behind him as she dug her nails into his shoulder. Her lips rested right against his ear. " I get f***ing angry " She growled, then bared her fangs right before she bit into his flesh, ripping his ear from his head. She spat the flesh on the ground then licked her lips tasting his blood" Now tell me , where the f*** is he?" She took a couple steps until she was standing right in front of him.

He locked his eyes on her.
She growled.
He laughed.

" F*** you , never " He laughed, even through the blood that dripped from his ears.

She smiled flashing her K9's his way then lunged " Have it your way then " She went straight for his throat, ripping a huge chunk of his neck off. His screams filled the air as his blood squirted everywhere.

' Ring Ring'

" What that actually f*** " She looked around, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and went to shove it in the mans mouth to muffle the sound but by the time she made it back to him he was dead.

Good riddance .

Pulling her phone from her back pocket she answered as if she was just having a lounge on the couch .

" What's up ?" She grinned yet couldn't stop thinking ... f*** I have a mess to clean up.


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Nah, your writing is better.

Posted on Thu Jul 20, 2017, 21:07

Evianna replied to Comment:

Love your writing.

Posted on Thu Jul 20, 2017, 00:59



Love your writing.

Posted on Thu Jul 20, 2017, 00:59

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