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07/16/2017 08:42 PM 

Category: Stories

Evi awoke once more and began to rediscover life. She stood, arms spread wide, drinking it all in. The way the wind ruffling through her hair, the amazing colors that were painted across the sky as the sun set behind the trees and the scent of grass and wild flowers that filled her nose.

She was back.
Her home.

" Thank you...I can never repay you for what you have done for me " Evianna's soft voice floated into the air. Her blue eyes fluttered shut as she gave a soft praise to the siren who brought her back. And as the last word slipped past her chapped lips her frail body shivered . She knew then that Lethe heard her and was letting her know she was welcome, as well as reminding her that their story wasn't over. Where Evi was back on earth, alive, breathing the same air as everyone else... her heart still wasn't in tack, and Lethe made it very clear that they would have to track down her father and get her heart back to make this permanent. Otherwise Evi could leave this world at any point and time unless Lethe was there to heal her once more.

" I will see you soon, Lethe. " Her eyes snapped open, taking in the breathtaking view one more time before continuing on her way. She had little time before she headed out to find her father and she had a few places she needed to stop before she did so. But first she needed to shower and change , there was only one place her mind went to for her to go. If she had a heart she bet at that moment it would have raced. Even if the thought of him made her belly flutter , she knew he felt the opposite, she bet he didn't even notice she was gone, for how ever long she had been gone for.

With a steady eye and a slow wave of the hand the rocks and twigs before her moved out of her path, leaving her with nothing but soft grass beneath her feet .
Wearing just a long white gown, and torn panties that Lethe returned she hiked her way forward, unknowing of what to expect when she got there.. but she didn't care. Most people didn't get a second chance at life, and she for one was not going to let anything get in her way or what she wanted or earned. She would get her heart, she would get the man and she would rule in place of her father.


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