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The trip back.
Category: Stories

Lethe; The last time lethe could remember visiting purgatory it was because of Hades. The god of the underworld….However this time she had gone on her own. She had been walking through the woods at night to clear her mind, trying to calm her thoughts. With her powers no longer suppressed Lethe had found herself battling her body to contain her anger and the destructive powers that came with it.
Now here in the woods, her soul had left her body and travelled to purgatory. She instantly knew where she was by the empty feeling she felt. The feeling of no longer being in a living body. She continued to walk through the forestation. Knowing that whatever it was that brought her here must have been waiting for her.
After endless hours of walking she sat down against the ferns and looked up at the sky, covering her head with the cloth that had previously been wrapped around her waist. “Why did you send me here..?” She asked, as if speaking to a higher being. Her dark eyes shifting from their usual black to a pale hazel.
The forest was ancient. The trees thick and old with roots that were twisted. It might once have been filled with a birds lullaby and animals that roamed. But now it was ages past its former glory and all that seemed to dwell were the poor souls trapped between the living and the dead. It's leaves so dense that you could only see the occasional streak of sunlight that rarely touched the forest floor.
Then she saw her. A woman who seemed lost and in a daze…Lethe knew in that instant that the woman standing there was the reason she was sent here. Standing from her spot in the ferns Lethe couldn’t help but walk towards the woman. When she was only a few feet behind the woman Lethe called out,
“Who are you?”

Evianna Convel ;Evianna quickly whipped her head around when she heard the magical sounds of a woman's voice float past her.

She had been wandering for god knows how long trying to figure out where she was and what she needed to do to get out, to return home or the home she had built for herself. Until that very moment she had been alone, never coming across another being. Hesitant, she took a small step back from the woman. This could be a trick right? This could be the devil trying to pull her down into the depths of hell. Lord knew she would deserved it, after all the innocent lives she took. She knew where she belonged. And it wasn't where she was at this moment, she had no idea where she was and why wasn't she in hell already?

Evi was dead, she knew that. Murdered.

And after spending years not knowing who she was, desperately searching for some sort of clue to let her know where she came she was killed by the very person she was trying to find.

Family. Her own father.

The moment her soul was ripped from her dangling body the memories she sought so hard to remember flooded back.

And yes, she remembered everything, and it hurt.

Evianna stepped into guard mode, her stance changed, and her hand moved slightly in front of her , even though she sensed she had nothing to worry about. There was a calming vibe that flowed from the mystery woman.

" I am Evianna.. I mean I am Abigale Lovnoc, Princess of Lenitis... " Her eyes moved from the lady to around her, making sure she was alone" Where did you come from? Who are you?" She cocked her head to the side and eyed the woman as she slowly eased her way closer, able to see her beautiful defined features. Her look was one to say are you friend or are you foe.

Lethe Maxine Omen; “Who am I?” She asked, a soft smile forming on her lips at the woman defensiveness. It amused Lethe to see Evi try and get into a fighting stance and Lethe tucked a lock of her dark brown hair behind her ear “I often wonder that too…But my name is Lethe Omen. Daughter of Poseidon and Calypso.” She stated, seeing no need to hide her identity from the beautiful woman in front of her.

“Follow me.” Lethe whispered, walking past the woman and deeper into the forest towards a small opening where a stream could be found. The river winding through the forest, welcoming stray flora that comes its way. It worked as a gateway, always flowing and taking its willing passengers onward to the great ocean beyond.

Lethe pulled her dress up slightly and stood at the foot of the river bed, her toes sinking into the damp soil that met the water only seconds away. “How did you die?” She asked, Lethe didn’t want to tell Abigale about why she had been transferred to purgatory without knowing about the girls story first.

Only then could she determine if Lethe had to help guide this soul to heaven or hell…Perhaps it wasn’t Abigale’s time to die. Whatever the outcome may be Lethe remained as calm as the river flowing in front of her

Evianna Convel; Evianna knew of the parents she talked about. How could she not. Poseidon was a well-known god of the sea and Calypso, well who wouldn’t want a beautiful dancing singing maiden as their mother. Evi was sure this woman was powerful. But why, Why was she there , speaking to Evi right now? It baffled her mind that was for sure.

Evi hesitated for a moment… did she want to trust this woman? Could she trust this woman, for all she knew she could be leading her the wrong way, the way of never coming back? But in the end she did as she was told. She followed the woman through the forest, walking alongside the winding river curious where they were going.

Once Lethe came to a stop Evi stood next to her. Her blue eyes locked straight ahead. For a place so empty with life the view was absolutely stunning … in a way she wondered why she would even be fighting to go back, back to a world that was filled with cruel people. She wished for just a slight moment that she could stay here forever.

With a stutter she began to speak.” How did I die?” she sighed, reliving it in her mind “ My father…” she frowned, then immediately sat down … not caring that she was sitting in the soil” Maybe I should start from the beginning” she chewed her lip, looked up at the woman and smiled, not hiding the tears that streamed down her flushed cheeks. Her hair was tangled, her clothes were a mess and she knew she had to be a sore sight for the eyes “ My father , is ruler of my home planet… he was a horrible man” She didn’t go into detail about the beating and the torture she endured “ He banished my mother and I to Earth with our memory several years ago. I spent so much of my time trying to find out who I was.. I had these visions of what I know now was my life , the memories he took away” She wiped the tears from her cheeks with the back of her hands” Maybe he figured I was close to remembering but he came… he came and he “ she placed her hands on her stomach , unable to force the words out “ Here… hold my hand” she whimpered out and grabbed the woman’s hand. It was much easier to let her see everything Evi had been through since birth as well as her death where her father stabbed her over and over then finishing her off with ripping out her heart.

Lethe Maxine Omen; Lethe listened to Evi’s story, her eyes however didn’t meet the gaze of the girl and instead looked at the stream that helped guide souls to the afterlife. With each detail about the cruelties of Evi’s father Lethe seemed to grow even more sure of what she had to do…the reason as to why she was in purgatory only becoming clearer.

As the blonde took Lethe’s hand and ran it against the scars and wounds that scattered Evi’s body the siren had made her decision on what to do. While Lethe was holding the hand of the woman, she used her strength to pull the girl up to her feet. “I’m not asking you to trust me. But I offer you a way out….Undress and follow me.” Lethe said, her voice soothing and soft.

Her usual tone of voice which was both blunt and deep had changed completely for this woman, there was a certain part of herself that Lethe saw in this woman and so she knew that she must help her. Help guide Evi down the path which fate had chosen for her.

After what felt like hours of silence despite only being a few seconds Lethe began to strip. Unwrapping her shawl and unbuttoning her blouse, stripping one piece of clothing after the other until she stood bare. Her tanned skin glowing despite the sun being hidden by the thick mist. With one slow step after the other the Siren walked into the river. It’s flowing water had no temperature, instead it felt as if she had been suspended in air. When she turned back to look at Evi Lethe had looked at the girl with kindness, extending her arm for Evi to walk in and hold her hand…So that she was not whisked away to the afterlife.

Now all Lethe could do was wait. Wait for a woman she had only met to make a decision.

A decision between life, death or the in-between.

Evianna ; Once Lethe pulled Evi to her feet she completely froze in her spot. Her mind was bouncing all over the place as she knew she had to make a decision. A decision that could be the end of her, or her new beginning.... she had no idea but what she did know was that she believed the words that this woman spoke and she for the first time in her life trusted someone. She also knew she had to much unfinished business left for her to leave her old world so she would do anything and everything to get back to her body.

Even if this place was all in her mind Evi knew deep down in the pit of her soul she had to listen to the woman and do as she said.

Evi turned to the right as the woman stripped and begun removing her own clothing.... or what little she was wearing. She grabbed the hem of her battered dress and lifted it above her head and tossed it down to the soil. She slipped out of her bra and panties then turned back towards the brunette as took a single step forward .

She was giving her a kind smile and her hand and Evi couldn't resist. She was doing this, she was actually going to put her trust and her future in the hands of a stranger. " I ... Thank you " She whispered, her voice came out soft and weak. She was exhausted, but she wouldn't give up. Not now, not ever.

With small timid steps she made her way into the water and placed her dainty hand gently in Lethe's, and smiled ear to ear " I am ready , I am ready to go where you lead" She looked ahead and then back to Lethe. She was nervous on the inside but outside she wasn't showing it anymore. She had no idea what was awaiting her, or them but she would face it head on and hope for only the best.

She eased through the water and stepped beside Lethe as the begun to move further out , together.

Lethe ; Lethe guided her into the river and stopped as they were shoulder deep in the stream. Her hand that held Evi’s ran up the woman arm and to her cheek where it lingered for a moment, pushing a strand of the blondes hair out of her face she cupped her cheek and looked into her blue eyes. Lethe’s black orbs shifting in the light that peered through the trees from a dark brown to a warm hue, the specks of gold showing from her irises.

“You have to trust me…” She whispered, not wanting to scare the girl as Lethe’s free hand reached up to cover the wound where Evi’s heart had been torn out. She then leaned in close to the womens face, her eyes never breaking their gaze until their lips finally met.

As their lips finally connected her eyes fluttered shut and she didn’t pull away, instead she continued to kiss the woman in front of her. The saliva that had been exchanged had entered Evi’s body and began to heal the wounds on her body, first the burns, then the stab wounds until finally the gaping hole where her heart use to be began to close up.

With her wounds healing and life being restored their environment began to change around them. The illusion of purgatory disappearing and instead of being submerged by water they now stood in the world of the living. As soon as Lethe knew the blondes life-force had been restored she pulled away slightly her lips hovering just above the others for a single moment while Lethe’s hand began to slip slowly from her cheek.

Pulling away completely now she finally opened her eyes “I’m not sure how long this will last. Without your heart I cannot fully heal you.” She stated passing the naked woman her underwear and shirt, while she kept her pants and bra


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