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07/16/2017 08:40 PM 

The death of Evi
Category: Stories

“ Where the hell… “ Evi blinked, slowly coming to. Her vision was blurred but she could make out the surroundings in front of her. She was in some sort of basement; the walls were concrete as well as the floor, there was one small window on the top of the wall ahead of her, it was so small she wouldn’t have been able to fit through it. There also wasn’t a single thing in the room except for a chair, and on top of that was a bloody dagger… was that her blood? Oh god it was… She was chained up in the air, each arm locked in place above her head as her legs dangling down where she could only touch the floor with her toes .And below her was blood that was dripping out from several gashes that were made on her body.

She pulled and yanked on the chains, trying to break free “ UGHHH GOD” she cried out, unable to even budge or break the chains with her strength . Her body was in excruciating pain, it was something she had never felt before. It was as if every bone in her body had broken. She wanted to vomit right there, or pass out again.

Her next attempt was to turn, to shift into her beast but even when she tried that nothing but pain flooded her entire body.

Then out of nowhere a single man appeared.

Her blue eyes studied him as he came closer. He wore nothing but black pants, no shoes.. no shirt. His body was covered in tattoos; every spot that was exposed has some sort of ink on it. His hair draped down his back and was shiny and black, black like his eyes. His eyes were the most frightening thing about him.

“Abagail my sweet demented child…oh how I missed you so …“The man let out a low evil laugh as made circles around her , his nail dug into her flesh as he went.

“ My name isn’t …. “ she begun to speak but the man placed his finger gently against her lip once he settled in front of her.

“ Shhh child don’t speak.. don’t fight.. just listen.”

It took everything in her to listen. She wanted to fight, to spit in his face but she knew….

This was her vision; this was the moment she died.

Tears of blood started dripping down her cheeks; the man wiped his finger across her cheek then placed his finger in his mouth and licked it clean.

“ God I hate when you cry” His hands wrapped around her neck, squeezing hard until his knuckles turned white. Her eyes flew wide open as the air supply was quickly deflating. Gasping for breath . ” When you were a child, I would day dream about throwing you against the wall and breaking your frail little neck when you would start that crying up.. but your mother…” he released her neck and stepped back , picked up the dagger and moved back in front of her “ She would always beg and do her stupid little protection spells to help you” He leaned in and stabbed the dagger in her side, his lips next to her ear. Even through her screams and cries of pain she could hear him loud as day” But where is your whore of a mother now daughter? “ He twisted the blade and then pulled it back out only to stab her once more “ Your all alone my little princess and now you will finally meet your fate. “

He stabbed her over and over; she lost count at twenty three when she finally passed out from the pain.

Then he watched, watched as the blood drained from her body and once her heart was on her last beats he ripped if from her chest and placed it in a little music box and locked it up with a red heart key.

He whistled a tune, heading to find her mother. Leaving Evi’s dead body behind


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