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07/16/2017 08:35 PM 

Sweet Dreams Daddy
Category: Stories

" Father I swear I didn't know " Abigale whimpered out through the river of tears that fell down her flushed cheeks . She was on her knees her hands together with her fingers laced pleading and begging her father . For what? She didn't know she just knew what normally came next when he was disappointed at her.

His fist, his belt, his foot.

She healed quickly but the memories never faded , she ...dreamt of the beatings her body would endure. They began at such an early age and now at the age of eighteen she was still taking them.

But who would ever step up to him. Her father. The man who ruled .

" Don't you lie to be Abigale, you know what I do when you lie to me!! " His roar shook the windows around them . She was waiting for the moment they shattered. She prayed that didn't happen, it would only give him something else to punish her with. She couldn't look up at him but she knee how he would look.

Black eyes
Over seven feet tall.
Fist clenched
Fangs out.

Suddenly he grabbed her long blond locks and pulled her across the wooden floor. The pain shot right to her brain causing her to scream out in pain. F*** it hurt!" I cant have you turning out like your whore of a mother! And since you can heal from my beatings you have left me no choice!!" with a flash he lifted her by her hair and threw her across her the room. Her body smashed against the wall before her body crumbled to the floor. He didn't waste a moments time before his black book was kicking her stomach over and over until she saw stars .

" Please stop! Please father , please just stop!! " She choked out, blood gurgling from her throat , now coating her lips and teeth .
" You want me to stop" His voice was now right next to her ear , his eyes locked on hers " My sweet little princess cant take anymore?" He laughed his wicked laugh before going completely silent.

This his face raised and came straight towards her face ~

Waking up quickly, Evi shot straight up and began to blink her groggy eyes. The cold of the snow she sat on made her shiver as she glanced around.

" How in the world did I get here ...?" She whispered , confused. Her dream still lingering on her mind.


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