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07/16/2017 07:23 PM 

Mission 40.

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Walking through a wooden door. Calum saw his favorite TV character Captain Yoo ShiJin drinking a cup of coffee in his uniform talking to his girlfriend Mo Yeon. He stood there watching the two of them talk until the floor started to shake. “Hey, you!” The both shouted dropping to the floor. Still, in shock from meeting his favorite character, he followed them and dropped to the floor. It was an earthquake and it had struck Urk, just like it did in the drama.

“Kid what are you doing here?” Shi Jin asked crawling over to him to pull him into safety.

“I… I’m not sure” Calum mumbled joining the pair and covered his head for protection. He didn’t think this would happen but he was happy and scared all at once. He was going to be apart of some of the most epic emotional parts of the show and he couldn’t wait to see what a real impact it would make on him.

He took a deep breath closed his eyes shut as the vibrations from the earthquake stopped. Calum slowly stood up to his feet, brushed up the dirt from his body and looked around the kitchen. Nothing but silence was in the air. He snapped back into reality realizing this was really happening. “Hey kid,” Shi Jin said to him once again. “Come on we are going to need your help” He grabbed him along with him and Mo Yeon outside seeing the chaos strike.

Calum’s body froze watching everyone from the medical tent as well as other soldiers scramble around the base putting the pieces together. “Here put this on” Shijin returned to him with a uniform. “Put this on” Calum nodded his head and quickly went back into the kitchen to put on the uniform that was handed to him. He took his time for a moment trying to gather his thoughts he still couldn’t believe that what was happening.

He walked back outside and greeted Shi Jin again. “What” Calum stopped for a moment. “Now you really fit in, what’s your name?” Shi Jin asked. Calum laced a small smile on his face. “I’m Calum, Calum Chang,” He said “Nice to meet you kid, we have to go, the factory is in trouble” Calum nodded his head once more following Shi Jin, climbing in the jeep next to him.

The ride seemed like forever and the night grew darker. Mo Yeon was already at the scene along with her fellow doctors who came in from Seoul to volunteer overseas. The factory had been destroyed by the earthquake and people were still inside. Other people from the military were already there rescuing people from the destroyed building.

Calum didn’t hesitate, he jumped right into the rescue mission checking out the factory knowing that some of it were still going to fall. One by one he was pulling people out from under rocks. He would assist Mo Yeon with medical stuff. Things were slowly calming down with over 30 people being rescued. He still had a bad feeling that this was far from being over. Rescue efforts were going good but he knew it wasn't over.

The sun was starting to shine and the crew had been out all night rescuing people. Calum watched as Shi Jin was going back into the factory. Rocks were falling from the side of the part that was still in tact. Calum took a deep breath and could feel small vibrations under his feet. “Shi Jin Hyung!” He shouted loudly and started to run towards him. “don't” He grabbed him from the entrance they made and pulled him to safety. The rest of the building soon collapsed.

Screams filled the air. Calum was still on the ground groaning slightly from the hard fall he faced. “Are you stupid?” Shi Jin said. “No, you are” Calum replied. “You could have died” He mentioned taking a deep breath. Shi Jin looked at him shaking his head before letting out a laugh. “Thanks, kid, I owe you” Shi Jin ruffled Calums hair slightly and helped him to his feet. The next few days were them focusing on saving more people at the factory and Calum became good friend with Shi Jin.  

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