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07/16/2017 07:02 PM 


“You know what, man?” Rafaello said. His eyes scanned the dark starry skies. “I’m scared about what I’m going to say” His voice almost drifted away in the last words. “What’s that?” His friend asked curiously. 
“The feeling that we’re alone, scares the f*** out of me,” Rafaello said, with his dreamy low voice. Jake, his friend looked over at Rafaello and squinted his eyes, intriguer by what Rafa was spitting out. 
“Yeah, Religion, says it’s just us out here. Science, says otherwise. Do you have any idea how f***ing huge space is? Can you even grasp your mind on that concept alone? We’re the speck, of another speck, inside the resident of those specks” They had been obviously been smoking weed all night long. Rafaello was on his last joint. The scent of the smoke hugged his black leather jacket protectively. 


“We are nothing, dude, we are a bunch of specks heading in no particular direction. We are nothing, literally, nothing. Why in the world, would anyone believe, we’re alone in this sh*tty reality? Look around bro, everyone’s killing each other, wars, for what? Who’s well-being exactly? We’re destroying our home. The thought that there’s nothing waiting for us after this is destroyed, really makes me rethink life” Rafaello didn’t care if he was making sense to his pothead friend.

 “Yeah, I guess” Jake looked up at the sky. The moon was shining brightly. Illuminating the field across them. “I don’t want to go back to the city, Don't you feel like there's more to this? ” Rafa confessed. 

“It scares me, everyone walks around with their eyes closed. Living their lives dictated by their government” 

“Rafa, we need to stop smoking,” He laughed obnoxiously as he shoved Rafa’s arm. “Stop talking like that, you’re going to get the CIA or f***ing men in black on our asses” Jake laughed again. Rafa laughed too, but his laugh wasn’t as contagious as Jake’s. It was more of a fake amused laugh. “Yea, what the f*** did Roco put in these joints?” 

Both males were sitting on top of the hood of Rafa’s car. “We should head back,” Shrugging his shoulders, Rafa smoked the last hit of his cig and threw the bud across him. It landed perfectly on top of a rock. They didn’t get it to see it, they got off the car and headed back to their hotel. “wait, until Roco hears about your theory of the universe” they both laughed again. 


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