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Connor Lucas O'Reily

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November 18th, 2017

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April 17, 2017



04/21/2017 06:10 PM 

Walking Dead OC

Christopher was in Fort Benning when the end of the world happened. His father stationed there while his mother worked at the hospital on base. Things were going well as he wanted to follow his fathers footsteps and join the Army as well. His mother wasn't happy about that but still supported him, his little brother was reserved never really saying how he felt about it. When he could everytime his dad was off work he would take the family up to a cabin off in the woods that he had inherited from the Government after doing some op. He taught the boys how to hunt, fish, and survive in the wilderness if ever needing to. Especially he taught Christopher to shoot.

This continued on until finally the apocalypse came, he was 17 years old and just got off of school driving to pick his little brother up from school. As he did he got a call from his Dad and Mom both saying to pick him up and then go to the house. The base went under lockdown and soon though was overrun with the undead. Christopher seeing how desperate things were knew the best bett was to make it to the cabin with how hidden it was and all. He hadn't heard from his parents in over a week and feared they were dead. So one night when his little brother was asleep he went out and to try and scavenge some supplies before he ran. Continuing to look around he finally found a couple of abandoned Humvees the ocupants and soldiers missing. In one it had several weapons and boxes of ammunition among other gear and the other had several boxes of MREs inside of it. Looked like they were transporting some suppplies somewhere.

He grabbed all the gear and loaded it up into one humvee quickly driving back to the house. He woke up his little brother all groggy and all. He piled up some of there personal belongings as well and drove off of the base. It took nearly half the day but they finally arrived at the cabin and Chris drove the humvee into the garage along with the truck and jeep inside as well.

It was about two months into the apocalypse and he decided he was going into the town. His little brother Andrew kept begging him until finally he agreed to take him along as well. They went into the town and found no change all of it was still with the undead. Quickly Chris turned around and started to drive back towards the cabin when he was stopped by actual group of survivors. Except things didnt go well. As soon as they were forced out of the jeep christophers weapons were taken and the man shot him in the leg there, before beginning to just beat the ever living sh*t out of him.  Slowly and finally Chris got to his feet at the edge of the road as behind him was a steep hill that led to a stream. Chris looked up only to be shot again and the force of the bullet caused him to fall over and tumble down the hill, his head hitting a rock and causing him to be knocked unconscious.

He woke up several hours later, lying in the stream face up or else he would have drowned. The only thing on him was a small pocket knife. Both of his bullet wounds had stopped bleeding but he knew he lost a serious amount of blood with how unsteady he was. He got to his feet and began to stumble across the woods to atleast get back up and onto the road. It took four hours with the sun slowly beginning to rise and with how weak he was causing him to fall down the hill twice. But finally he reached it and began to head down the road to get back to his cabin. Fix himself up and then find his little brother the only thing he was running on was pure adrenaline and anger. After a couple more hours he saw a vehicle coming and just stopped at the road watching it. It came to a stop and out stepped a female, he recognized her as one of the ones who had helped pull him over.

All she said was she had suspected him being a fighter when he blacked out and crumpled to the ground. After two weeks of being out he finally woke up to see her taking care of him inside some small building. He tried to get up but she held him down and explained how she wanted out of the group. He told her he would help her if she helped him find his brother. she agreed and once he grabbed a weapon she drove him to the leaders hideout. Once they stepped out of the vehicle his thirst for revenge and more overcame him and he just shot her. All because she had been apart of the group that helped take his little brother from him. He stormed the building and anyone he saw he would shoot. Until he came across this atrium of sorts and the man was there along with his little brother. A gunfight quickly broke out and chris ran out of ammo as it soon came into a fist fight. The man had strength on him and quickly gained the upper hand until he began to slam chris into the ground and then proceeded to choke him. Looking around and losing oxygen chris reached forward and pulled the knife from the mans belt and quickly before he could react he slammed it into the mans throat.

He died quickly after and Chris got up finding the mans pistol and began to walk around making sure no more bad guys were around and to find his brother. All of a sudden a rather sudden movement and noise was seen and heard causing chris to shoot first. Rounding the corner he found his brother with a bullet in his stomach. Christophers blood and color drained from his face and realized what he had done. He dropped the gun and ran towards him trying to stop the bleeding but it was already to late and the bullet hit the wrong area. Slowly his little brother died in his arms. After this Christopher knew what was going to happen but he didnt care, he waited for several hours until finally his little brother was reanimated and that was when he finally had to shoot him in the head. Tears streaming down his face as he did. He carried his little brother out, not gather any weapons or supplies at all. All he felt was numb, broke and alone. He drove back to the cabin and buried his little brother in the backyard.

That empty feeling continued as he slipped into a heavy depression, self harming on several occasions but never able to end himself. Until one day he was outside and across came a german shepherd pup. He looked at the pup who was half starved and its ribs showing. He finally felt a spark of emotion and gently walked over. The pup was sketchy but then realizing he wasn't like the undead quickly ran over and jumped into his arms. It was a slow start but the pup finally began to have Christopher feel something again as he took care of it to help it become fully healthy again.


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