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04/20/2017 01:18 PM 

Mission 29

Near Future...
Standing at the front of the room Joseph wrung his sweaty hands together nervously. People filled into the room and began taking their seats. So many familiar faces, some more familiar than others. His sister, Hailey, stood across the room with Rian and Jackson making sure everything was in order for them and Leland stood next to her, looking quite off in a suit compared to his usual jeans and leather vest. It was almost time and everyone got into their places. Leland, Hailey, and the kids ushered out of the doors with Garrett also on their heels. The music began to play and the doors reopened as everyone made their way down the aisle. Joseph stood with his hands clasped tightly in front of him a cold sweat breaking across his forehead. Before he knew it Marilyn stood there in the doorway and began to make her way slowly down the aisle. She looked beautiful. She wore a long white lace dress with her long dark hair framing her face. He unclasped his hands and placed his right hand over his mouth nearly being brought to tears at the sight of her. When she finally reached him a single tear had slipped down his right cheek and her smile grew even more. Joey's vows had nearly been a short novel and he was sure the guests were wondering if they'd ever end. As soon as he heard the words "you may kiss the bride" he pulled her into him and pressed his lips against hers holding her there for longer than the audience thought was comfortable. Finally pulling back he smiled down at her, "Mrs. Locknick," he muttered before kissing her again softly.
10 Years From Now...
The sandy haired girl sat next to his easel with a smaller easel of her own. Joey and Marilyn's daughter was proving to be more like her father each day. Joey wasn't sure that was necessarily a good thing but he could tell Marilyn thought differently whenever he caught her staring at the two with adoration in her eyes. She didn't know it yet but he was painting her as she sat on the small love seat across from them in his in home art studio. She sat there with her hand placed tenderly upon her round stomach that was carrying another important family member, a most unexpected one. After their daughter had been born Joey was hooked and he never could have imagined loving anyone else more than he loved his wife or his baby girl. He was proven wrong when he discovered that he was going to be a father again, this time to a bouncing baby boy. 
20 Years From Now...
At nearly 52 years old not much had changed in Joey's physical appearance. A few wrinkles here, a few grey hairs there. Joey's physical appearance was the least of his concerns as he stared at the used car his now 18 year old daughter was placing boxes into. College, he thought before pulling himself away to place the box he was carrying into the trunk. Marilyn stood on the other side of the car with her arms draped around their ten year old son's shoulders. Once everything was packed inside the car she closed the trunk of the car and turned to her father with a smile. She looked so much like her mother that it pained him knowing while she was away men would pursue her just as he's pursued her mother around her age. Marilyn always argued that she looked more like Joey with her blue eyes, high cheek bones, and even his dimples but despite that all he would see so much of Marilyn in her. Before he could say anything her arms wrapped around him and he hugged her back resting his head on top of hers, "You be safe okay and give us a call if you need anything. You're only a couple of hours away and your room will be here whenever you get back," he muttered trying to keep his voice from cracking as he held back tears. As they let go of each other he watched her walk over to her mother. The tears were already spilling down her cheeks as Marilyn hugged her and his eyes locked with his wife's and it was like looking into her eyes twenty years ago.


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