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04/20/2017 02:55 PM 

Assignment two.

1905 E Palmcroft Dr, North Tempe, is the house owned by Rhys Campbell and Chase Donovan. Rhys bought the house over a year and a half ago and at first lived alone for a couple of months before putting out an ad online for a roommate. Now they live here with their three dogs Spotty, Snow White and Nacho.

This is the kitchen. The sacred room in the house because, food. Always living the fat kid life.

The living room is where they spend most of their time, lounging on the couch watching movies or playing video games. More often than Rhys would like to admit there is pizza box on the coffee table. Fat kid life for life okay.

His favourite thing about their office is the sliding doors and also that there's a door behind the desk that leads back into the hallway. Chase is the one who spends more time in this room, whenever Rhys goes in with the intention to use the laptop for something work related he just ends up watching stupid animal videos.

If not found at work or in the kitchen then Rhys is most likely in his favourite place. His pit. At least there's actually some light in the room when this photo was taken. Having blackout curtains and having them pulled across most of the time makes it hard for Rhys to even tell if its day or night most days. Most of the time the dogs sleep on the bed beside Rhys because he just can't say no to their adorable faces.

This is Chase's bedroom. Rhys thinks it's weird the fact he likes being able to see in to the living room in his bedroom because half of the wall is glass. (He just likes to see Rhys walking around in his underwear and stuffing his face in the middle of the night when they're not at the club.)

This is the game room, which you can get into by going through the door in the kitchen. Before Chase moved in it was basically just a storage room for Rhys but after getting a roommate he decided he wanted to turn it into a game room. There's also a guitar and drumset in the corner that they mess around with - mostly when drunk.


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