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"No one is perfectly good or evil, black or white. Forgiveness and acceptance are sometimes as hard to receive as they are to give, but you can still find those with me because you are my son, or you can be again. I refuse to believe that Ben is completely gone. That there is no light left. I can't believe that. I won't."

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June 22nd, 2017

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January 13, 2017

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04/20/2017 02:50 PM 

The Force of Hope

"The Force is strong in my family."

Words taken so literally when first spoken could also mean something else entirely. Hope was also a force that ran strongly through their blood. The belief that no matter how far your loved ones fell, they were never really gone. That love could triumph and light could brighten any darkness. Somehow, some way they would return to you, even if that hope only existed in your heart and no one else's.


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