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03/20/2017 07:17 PM 

Summer Society Guidelines

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT Danny Lawrence nor am I Sharon Belle. Danny is a fictional character on the hit Kinda TV web series Carmilla. Sharon has far more important things to do than play herself. If you thought I was either one of them, then you really shouldn't be here.

**Now for the actual rules. There is a task at the end of the rules that will need to be completed to prove that you actually read and fully understand the rules. You will get one warning and one warning only. There are a lot of rules but that's only because I've been doing this a while and some things need to be said.**

1a. Messages are for story-line discussions, sexual content and O.O.C. chit-chat only. I know it seems petty but I feel it needs to be said.
1b. I will send out greeting messages to everyone. If I haven't heard anything from you within two weeks, you're gone. No questions. No explanations.

2a. I do NOT accept greeting comments. If you send me one, it will be deleted and your reply will be sent in messages. If you would like to send me a greeting, please make it a message.
2b. I do NOT accept random starters. If you send me a random starter without discussing it with me beforehand, it will be deleted without a response and you will be asked to read the rules again.

3a. I write in the third person. Why?! Because it's easier to understand and makes so much more sense.
3b. I am a multi-para or higher. What does that mean?! That means, I will not accept anything lower than four paragraphs. But even I have limits. The maximum amount of paragraphs I will accept is 8.
3c. Do not use symbols in your comments. Please use proper punctuation. The only exception to this rule is statuses. More about that in 3e.
3d. I am NOT a total grammar/spelling Nazi. I understand we all make mistakes. But please, PLEASE do not use text talk in your writing. It makes it hard to read.
3e. I am a huge fan or status role-play. It helps me get to know the people I am writing with. If we happen to be in a status role-play..  my writing will be a little different. Actions will be designated by (-action;) and words will not have quotation marks.

4a. As stated in rule 1b, if after two weeks you haven't either tried to communicate with me or replied to my greeting message, you're gone and I will not be re-adding you. The only exception is if you haven't logged in. But if you have and you haven't replied, you're gone.
4b. I refuse to be "just a number". I am here to write and make friends not to just sit on your friends list.
4c. If you have been deleted, you will not be re-added. The only exception being if I accidentally delete you. In which case, I will request you again and send you a message explaining the situation.
4d. If you know you're going to be gone more than a few days, please let me know that way you aren't deleted. Especially if we have a story-line going.

5a. If you would like to know more about me O.O.C., just ask. But know that there are some topics that are off limits.
5b. I will not post any real-life pictures of myself nor will I give out my cell phone number. That only brings trouble.
5c. One thing you can count on is that my real-life sexual orientation will ALWAYS be my characters. If you need to know what that is... either read the page or just ask.
5d. I work six days a week. Normally I have no problem getting replies done in a timely matter, but if work is going to prevent me from doing so, I will let you all know.

6a. I will be playing this character a mix between canon and AU. If you have a problem with that, please feel free to delete yourself.
6b. I refuse to jump into a story-line. I like to discuss things first so I know what to expect.
6c. If you feel our story-line isn't progressing, do not hesitate to message me and we can come up with a solution.

High School

**That concludes the rules. To prove that you actually read and fully understand the rules, please sign below with your favorite love song and artist as well as your character's full name. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.**

Thank you,
The Writer Behind σvєr prσtєctívє™ - Danny Lawrence


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