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03/20/2017 04:48 PM 

Superior Headcanons.

-Due to having memories of being Peter Parker, Octavius has an appreciation for Old School, specifically New York centric Hip hop. [A playoff of a highly respected writer’s headcanon for his Spider-man]

-Despite having a new, youthful body, Otto still falls asleep in his lab more than he does a bed…most likely a staple for any super powered genius.

-Since becoming Superior Spider-man Otto’s disdain for cats has increased tenfold.  He already wasn’t keen on the animal, but 90% of the feline themed people he’s crossed has tried to steal from him.  There is one cat costumed character he respects and he still doesn’t understand her yellow lantern ring.

-Of all the geniuses he’s encountered, he respects Hank Pym, John Cranston, Victor Von Doom, Bruce Banner, and, Lex Luther, and Batman the most.  Reed Richards would be listed among these minds but Octavius is so frustrated with how he limits himself.  He feels Tony Stark has just borrowed all of his ideas from others including CALLING HIMSELF SUPERIOR IRON MAN.

-Ironically, he thinks Bruce Wayne is an a**hole and finds Selina Kyle insufferable, Edward Nigma a bore, and Victor Fries depressing.  He avoids Gotham like the plague.

-Almost 100% of popular music he listens to currently is because of Mary Jane Watson.

-He doesn’t believe in magic.  Period.  From Zatanna Zatara to Thor Odinson, he believes that every single aspect of “magic” is an extreme science.

-He doesn’t understand how Groot works.  It bugs him.

-Of all the Spiders he’s met in the multiverse, he appreciates Kaine, Ashley Barton, Gwen Stacy (thanks to Parker’s past with her.) Cindy Moon, and Spider-Man Noir.  Deep down he respects Peter as well, but it kills him to admit.

-Nadia Pym scares him.

-He constantly checks on every member of the original Sinister Six.  Either by personally calling them (Quentin Beck/Mysterio until he killed himself, Flint Marko/Sandman, Kraven the Hunter) or by watching from afar (Max Dillon/Electro, Adrian Toomes/Vulure.)  He’s currently working up the courage to ask Mary Jane and and Flint Marko respectively if they would be keen on having dinner together.

-He personally takes MJ’s suggestions for technologies for her suit as a challenge even when she doesn’t intend for that to be the case.  From concentrated lazer beams fired from the tips of the Iron Spider legs, to webbing that can harden into concrete, he’s attempted everything.  Whether or not it works is a different story.

-He’s soured on Asgard because of his interactions with Lady Sif.  He assumes they’re all full of themselves like she is.

-Literally every time he encounters Eddie Brock he learns something new.  And he hates it because it was just easier assuming Venom was a mindless animal.

-He never wants to wear the Symbiote suit again.

-Due to slight cases of insomnia, he’ll lay in bed and watch Mary Jane sleep, utterly surprised she hasn’t just vanished yet.

-Finds baking therapeutic so usually if he’s home he’s in the lab or kitchen making a desert.  It’s a secret he intends to take to the grave or send someone to the grave with if they ever tellMJ.

-Since getting a new body, he’ll occasionally check on Cindy Moon to make sure that she’s adjusting to life outside of the vault. 

-When hitting a mental block during his experimentations or building sessions, he plays Tetris in his lab on his tablet.  He brags about his score to MJ despite the fact she gets higher scores.  He blames her dexterous fingers.

-He mentally notes every new nickname he receives.  SpOck and Parkerpuss may be his favorites.


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