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03/20/2017 02:36 PM 

My Own Personal Writing.

Noelle was having the most insane day of her life. She was running frantic trying to figure out what she promised Harry she would get for him while she was at the store. Noelle looked down at her list and she felt crazy and stupid for not writing down what she told Harry she would get him. *Hey babe. So I forgot what it was that you wanted me to get. I know it might sound insane but I promise to write it down this time or if you text it to me I will have it on my phone. Let me know what it was as soon as you get this.* Noelle looked down at her phone and smiled seeing Harry's name once more. She hit the send button on her phone and put her phone back in her pocket. Harry was everything to Noelle and just looking down at his name made her smile. He made her happier than she had ever been and she was happy to do small things like this for him. Noelle smiled and waited for the text back from her boyfriend.

Noelle smiled as she looked around the store when she heard her phone go off in her pocket and pulled her phone out of her pocket. *Hey sunshine. First I just wanted to tell you that I love you more than words can say. The item I needed was a wrench to fix the pipes under the sink. I figure since I stay here at your house a lot that I could help you with some plumbing problems instead of you calling someone else to fix it. I can't wait until you get back. Be safe and came back to me soon.* Noelle smiled as she read Harry's text. She always loved how sweet and good he was to her. She loved him more than any words could ever say and she proved that to him every day. He was her entire life and she made sure that he knew that every day. *Okay baby. I will make sure to get it while I am out. I love you so much more though.* Noelle smiled and hit send as she watched the message send to Harry and put her phone back into her pocket.

Noelle smiled as she walked down the tools isle with her shopping cart. "Alright, I need to find where the wrenches might be. I want to get the best one they have." Noelle told herself as she looked down the isle and then spotted a man that looked like he worked there. "Excuse me sir? Can you point me to the direction that the wrenches might be? I want to have the best one you guys have." Noelle told the male with a smile as he smiled and nodded. "Of course I can help you darling. Follow me." He told her as he led her down the isle further until he finally got to the wrenches and picked one up. "This red wrench right here is the best one. It can fix pretty much anything." The male told Noelle as Noelle smiled and took the wrench from him. "This is perfect. Thank you so much sir. You are a life saver." Noelle told him as she placed the wrench into her buggy and then walked to the register to pay for her stuff.

After Noelle finished checking out her items she looked down to make sure the items were bagged properly and then picked up the bags and put them in the buggy. She walked outside and whistled for a taxi as she watched it pull up in front of her. She opened the door and got inside as she put her bags down next to her and buckled her seat belt. She shut the door and then smiled and looked up at the cab driver. "240 Bakersfield St please. It's in the Bronx." She told the cab driver as he smiled and nodded his head. He began to drive until they reached Noelle's destination and Noelle took out her pocketbook and opened it. She took out her bill fold and opened it grabbing the amount of money she needed and then folded it and handed it to the cab driver. "Thank you sir." She told him. "You are very welcome ma'am. Have a nice day." He replied as Noelle smiled and put her wallet back then closed her purse and grabbed her bags opening the door. "Thank you sir. You too." She responded as got out of the cab and then closed the door carrying her bags into her house.


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