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You get inside and poison me.

You find that inner piece of my soul

I bring you pain, I deliver you death

But in the end  ..

It's always you and me.






Dead Is The New Sexy

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01/11/2017 12:35 PM 

Breaking The Spider
Category: Stories

Jim was bound and captured by Sherlock, and there was no way to escape because after all, this was Sherlock. He was held there in this incredibly uncomfortable position in shackles that weren't going to come off any time soon. And now it was becoming tedious. Not frightening, no, Jim would never allow for that idea at any point. Even if he was afraid, he wasn't going to let on.

"Oh, don't look so glum ...I'm so sorry you can't break me, Sherlock. But your methods are no where near as exciting as your brothers  .. now that man knows how to interrogate ....Mmmmm."

Jim laughed.  "And I bet you think I'm joking."


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Dead Is The New Sexy


Jim dragged him out and it was only the sheer power of his love, because a dead weight in water was not easy to navigate -- but he was not about to allow Sherlock to drown. HELL no. That was not happening! He loved this man and even though Sherlock couldn't seem to get John off the brain - annoying and hurtful -  Once up on the side of the pool Jim slapped Sherlock to try to get him awake and then rolled him over, trying to get the water out of his lungs.


He knew how.

Jim turned him back around and began going through all the motions of it now.  "You will not die on me you son of a bitch .. I may not be as good as John Watson but I love you .. I love you and I will save your damned life it's the last thing I ever do!!" The fact that he wasn't likely to ever be enough - at least that's how he felt now - really hurt but all Jim could do was give it all he had now. Sherlock was - everything. No one else mattered as he did, and he knew Sherlock was aware of how deeply he was loved by Jim.

Jim who was never going to be John Watson.

Who was terrified he had no real chance.

"SHERLOCK ... wake up .. god please please  ... wake up!!!!"

Posted on Thu Jan 19, 2017, 22:40

Sherlock Watson-Holmes


Eurus entered the scene and Sherlock’s jaw dropped. “How…how did you get out?!” With a little giggle, John and Sherlock were drugged and moved to the nearby pool room where Doctor Watson was nearly blown up years before. She explained to Jim that she could be the bad guy and if Jim saved Sherlock, he would have a chance to be with him. She could kill Watson and keep the baby. This was her game plan. Her parents would be so happy that she had the baby and they could be grandparents. She thought about it and sang to Rosie while the Baker Street boys began to awaken. ♪ I that am lost Oh, who will find me ♪ ♪ Deep down below the old beach tree? ♪ ♪ Help secure me now the east winds blow ♪ ♪ 16 by six, brother and under we go... ♪


“Jesus, NO!” John screamed out. His hands tied behind his back, he was kicked into the waters. “Don’t play Moriarty’s game, Sister, Please!” “Game? This isn’t Moriarty’s game, brothermine. This is my game.” She looked down at John struggling in the water. “If you come with me and Rosie, Sherlock, we can be a family. If you choose to save your friend, I will leave with the baby and..whoo will find me, deep down below the old beech tree lol” John’s head dipped under the water. “Eurus, please….” Sherlock’s hand reached out towards Rosie. “Please…you’re my sister…we are a family.” “You might have landed my plane, but you did not bring me home Sherlock!” Eurus caused the baby to start crying, being so loud and squeezing the child a little when she yelled. “Why’s it making funny noises. Is she laughing?!” Eurus started to shake Rosie. “NO!” Sherlock rushed towards his sister counting the seconds in his mind that John was under water. It had already been a minute by the time Sherlock struggled with his sister. He was able to get the baby, but Eurus took a big bite out of Sherlock’s arms…he however, did not let go of Rosie. “If this isn’t Jim’s game then where is he?!” “Does it matter?” Eurus asked. “No…I just want to be a family.” Sherlock lied and took Rosie into his arms. . Sherlock whipped around, holding Rosie tight with both arms against his chest, and gave a high roundhouse kick to the side of Eurus’s temple, knocking her out. The men started to rush Sherlock and he felt like things were in slow motion. “JOHN!” Sherlock looked at John at the bottom of the pool. It had been two minutes and it was obvious John was no longer struggling. “JOHN!!!!” Sherlock had no choice. He took a firm hand to cover Rosie’s mouth and nose so she wouldn’t inhale any water as he dove in. He thought John would be mad at him for saving him at the risk of Rosie, but the balance of probablilty was in Sherlock’s favor with his sister unconcous and the spider absent from the room. Sherlock got an arm around John and swam to the surface. Rosie in one arm, John in the other. Sherlock let go of John for a second to put Rosie on the side of the pool, crawl out, and pulled John out. “John!” Rosie was crying and doing just fine, but John was not doing so well. Sherlock had never seen anyone so blue and with tears his hands slammed down on John’s chest to push the water out of John’s lungs. He felt a faint pulse and pinched John’s nose shut to give him a breath. He had always wanted to touch his lips to John’s, it was dream he often had, but this was the very worst conditions and Sherlock had to pray to a God he hadn’t believed in to help him save John Watson.


Sherlock scooped up Rosie and John into his arms, sitting on the floor next to the pool, holding them both with tears in his eyes. John started to cough up water and choke. He struggled with his arms being tied “What happened? Did you dive in to save me with Rosie? You bloody idiot! What’s wrong with you!?” Sherlock untied Watson as he was getting bitched and handed over John’s daughter. “That’s it…Game over…Rosie and I are leaving for good. No more of …thisssss.” Sherlock rushed after John and Eurus awoke in time to shoot him with another dart and keep him in the pool room, letting John make his own escape as Sherlock fell unconcous once more, sliding off the edge of the pool in a struggle, and falling into the deep waters. Eurus didn’t seem to care. Context never really affected her. She shrugged her shoulders and exited the pool room leaving her brother to drowned. 

Posted on Wed Jan 18, 2017, 19:13

Dead Is The New Sexy


So he listened.

Listened to Sherlock sharing his deepest woes, regrets and sadness, and all he could think of was his own terror of not being enough. John and Sherlock shared something that was strong and well rooted, and what hope did he even have, now. And yet it was everything, wasn't it. Failure wasn't an option, if he failed to win Sherlock, he would just give himself over to death.

There was no life without the man he loved.

Jim listened to everything Sherlock had to say, but before he knew it, John had come back. Appalled at John's return and fearing the loss of the man he loved all over again, Jim curled around him again, and wondered what the hell to say. He wasn't John Watson, he was just a little Irish criminal who happened to fall in love with the one man who could have stopped him.

"Sherlock ..."

Jim hesitated and pulled him down close again.  "Please - don't throw me away. No matter what else happens? Don't throw me away. You're everything, my world."

Posted on Sat Jan 14, 2017, 15:28

Sherlock Watson-Holmes


Jim’s words were probably meant to bring comfort, but it just stirred memories of how close Sherlock was to being with his heart. “He met her when I was away. Remember? I needed to kill myself or you would target John, Greg, and Mrs. Hudson. Before that, as I’m sure you know, John and I were…we were in a good place and…I caused him tragic loss. He never really forgave me. I got jealous of Mary, but she really loved him and I just wanted John to be happy. That’s when I really knew. If he was happy I was happy therefore I loved him. I made myself push away emotions, but with the friendship of John, I grew into a real human. I made a vow to protect her …all of them…I even killed for them…but she died. She died saving my life and jumped in front of a bullet to save me. It’s my fault.” Sherlock pinched his eyes shut and loved the fact that Jim held him. He would have put every drug in the flat into his veins if Jim hadn’t been there. He didn’t know it, but James was saving Sherlock’s life over and over again.


John listen in at the door and walked into the bedroom. “You didn’t kill Mary. It’s true, she dove in front of that bullet and no one can make Mary do something she doesn’t want to do.” John had a bed tray with dinner and tall glasses of ice water (I told you he’d fetch us stuff) “John….you didn’t leave.” Sherlock said with surprise, pulling his pained throbbing head up off of Jim’s chest. “Sit up. I brought you some supper. Since I fetched it for you, there probably wont even be any spit.” “How did you know they spit in my food?” Sherlock asked. “Because they know you.” John said and left the room and made a spot for himself on the couch. 

Posted on Fri Jan 13, 2017, 19:08

Dead Is The New Sexy


Jim was left somewhat stunned at all this.

He got Sherlock into the bed, and held him there in his arms.

All he could do was try to comfort the man he loved, and get him through this, but John's behavior was utterly shocking and this was from a man who had seen it all and done most of it. Jim was far, far from a kind or gentle soul, but the way John was being to Sherlock really angered and surprised him. It made no sense, really, and Jim tilted Sherlock's chin up to him.

"Okay, why -- is he being so horrible to you? This is the man I was so resentful of, that I believed loved you and you two were together - and I had no chance because of? He just treated you like total crap. What's all this you killed his wife thing ? Did you ? I can't believe that -- I can't believe you actually killed his wife ---- and if he loved you so much, why did he leave you for her - I'm so damned confused now, Sherlock!!"

It was bizarre.

It made no real sense at all.

"Please tell me?"

Posted on Fri Jan 13, 2017, 18:33

Sherlock Watson-Holmes


John heard Jim calling out for Sherlock to wake up. He stopped for a moment while Mrs. Hudson rushed around him to see what happened. She screamed at the site of all the blood. Since the men were dripping wet, it made the spread of blood look worse then it was. He had a small gash on the right side of his head, but it was hard to tell with all the blood and Sherlock’s curly locks. He felt sick and while he came to, his body acted like he was going to be sick, dry heeving. When John heard Mrs. Hudson scream he turned around and walked back to the bathroom slowly. He saw the blood and how upset James was. This confused him. He never thought of the spider as a human. He had been there for Sherlock at the hospital, but John figured Jim arranged the whole thing. He wasn’t going to play the spider’s game.


John walked out of the bathroom more rushed now and strait into Sherlock’s bedroom. Since John no longer lived there, he didn’t have his doctors bag, but he figured he could find what he needed in Sherlock’s room, but he did not want to look. He was forced to see the old needles and how dirty they were and all the hidden drugs and John took everything. He found a needle and thread and alcohol. He came into the bathroom and put the stuff on the sink. He fished in the drawers for the clippers. He plugged them in and acted like he was pissed the whole time. “Go GET A TOWEL!” ‘John! That man could kill you and who would look after our daughter?!’ Dead Mary reminded John to be nicer to Jim, but it was hard. He was always misplacing his anger, trying to keep everything bottled up. John dumped the alcohol and Sherlock flinched and winced. John dabbed it dry and tried to clipper the hair over the cut. Sherlock cried and John wasn’t exactly being loving. His heart hurt so badly that he wanted to die, but whenever he reached out, Jim was there. Sherlock’s eyes finally tore away from John’s angry eye and looked to Jim. His eyes, ever so dark and dangerous, were not angry or soulless at all. They felt…warm. John stabbed the needle into Sherlock’s scalp without warning and Sherlock winced with pain and looked at John’s pissed off face again. “You’re enjoying this.” Sherlock said to John. “Maybe…” John smiled at Jim. Sherlock put his hand on Jim’s knee to keep him calm. “He’s entitled….Afterall….I killed his wife.” Sherlock said with a broken voice. “Yes you did.” John finished the stitch and left and Sherlock could barley breath. 

Posted on Fri Jan 13, 2017, 16:57

Dead Is The New Sexy


"Oh let him GO ..."

Jim was merely annoyed at this point, but when Sherlock managed to crack his head he was alarmed. More than alarmed, he was horrified.

"Oh you moron if you have killed yourself just when things --"  Jim rushed to him, both of them naked and still dripping water from the shower. "Sherlock ... Sherlock please ... wake up .. wake up damn it.." If Sherlock was dead, or if he died from this, Jim would follow him in death, he'd already decided that much. There was no life without this man and he had no desire to even try for one, really. Death would be the only option, the only road to take.

But .. maybe he would be alright. Possibly.

"SHERLOCK!! ...please wake up!!"

Posted on Fri Jan 13, 2017, 16:15

Sherlock Watson-Holmes


Sherlock realized John was in the bathroom at gunpoint when he saw Mrs. Hudson. He gave her a look and she retreated to the kitchen. John was left standing there to listen to Jim and take the full frontal scene in. Sherlock had been saving himself for John all this time and now his own body had been used by the mass murder. He couldn’t even tell John and now trusted this violation to James. He was there for him. Sherlock was stuck. His mind in slow motion. He had just ruined any chance he ever had with John. Perhaps it was just a dream. It is what it is and Sherlock froze. He couldn’t even feel the water striking his naked body in the shower. John’s eyes water and his hand started to shake. The doctor took a deep breath in through his nose and left. He fetched his old walking cane and stomped back into the bathroom. John threw the cane and shouted. “Good Bye.” He sniffed back his tears, turned on heel, and proceeded to leave the flat forever…and Sherlock knew it. “John!” No time for clothes. No time for thinking. “JOHN!” Sherlock rushed out of the shower and tripped on the cane. His head smashed against the corner of the sink and all the lights went out. 

Posted on Fri Jan 13, 2017, 15:36

Dead Is The New Sexy


Damn it, just when they were getting somewhere.

Just when things were heating up in a very, very good way for them. Damn it, John -- of all times!! And at this point Jim was very aroused as well, and it was difficult as hell to hide it. Not that he really felt all that much like bothering, John and the old lady could see him in all his full glory now, he didn't really mind a bit. Sherlock was trying to hide him but Jim stepped out.

"Do you mind? This is rather a private shower, I wouldn't go bursting in on you when you're in there! Please - allow us some privacy! Anything you want or need can be addressed when we are decent. And that might take a while. Now please  ......out !!"

Oh, he was excited alright, and there was no hiding it as he stood there water dripping off him, and very clearly in a romantic mood, as it were. The look on John's face was thunderous, and Jim stepped back a little, now he got back behind Sherlock all on his own. He did not wish to get beaten up for this.

Posted on Fri Jan 13, 2017, 12:42

Sherlock Watson-Holmes


Sherlock thought about when John was screaming at him about Irene Adler. ‘Even if she’s a bloody psychopath, she loves you and she’s alive! ALIVE! Do you know how rare that is?!’ Sherlock shut his eyes trying to stop thinking about John’s harsh words, but it was true…love was rare and Sherlock could feel nothing but love coming from James. He opened his eyes slowly and kissed James. “I was saving myself too. There are many many things I’ve never done and I will be burying the rape deep down in my mind palace. It will take me time, James, but I think…I think I could show you my heart. I know John thinks I’m a monster, but I’m not a machine. I feel things. I’ve always dreamed about you and I’m done hiding my feelings.” Sherlock kissed James deeper and loved the rush of warmth inside his body as well as the warmth of the shower on the outside. Pure pleasure. Sherlock gasped to catch his breath and felt extreamly aroused after such a kiss. “You …I think about you all the time.” Sherlock admitted with red cheeks and a shy chuckle.


“Sherlock?!” Mrs. Hudson called out for Sherlock and the detective covered Jim’s mouth. “Did that bad guy leave yet?” She asked outside the bathroom door. “Umm YES!!!” Sherlock laughed and kept Jim’s mouth covered. “Oh good….John’s here deary…he wants to talk to you.” Mrs. Hudson kept her eyes closed, but shoved John through the bathroom door, forcing him to talk to Sherlock at gunpoint because she was so bad ass these days. “MRS. HUDSON!” Sherlock shouted, trying to hide James behind his naked body in the shower. “WHAT THE FU--?” John said with wide eyes. “What the bloody hhhhell are you doing?!” John demanded. 

Posted on Thu Jan 12, 2017, 22:47

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