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FISK: Kingpin or Philanthropist?

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October 18th, 2017

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December 29, 2016



01/11/2017 07:53 PM 


First and foremost, WELCOME
I've been watching you...


Thanks for taking a moment of your time review my blog. In this post, you'll find Kingpin's character bio, active storylines, rules and an OOC note, from me (the writer)!

I guess I'll start with that OOC note: I'll be honest, I don't have the most experience with Kingpin as I probably should but I have an adaptive personality, much like a chameleon that allows me to fill into most roles with ease. In previous encounters, I have played Spider-Man and Daredevil, two of Kingpin's nemesis so I do have some background to stand on as a foundation. 

However, I know their is room for improvement but I kinda look forward to learning while I go. I've done remarkably with other characters with the same approach. As I learn, I grow as a writer, developing a passion for the character's true identity. 

While some people like rescuing the damsel in distress and riding off into the sunset, I absolutely love playing the bad guy. I love challenging heroes and placing them into a position that causes them to squirm. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my very intention as the Kingpin. The character's selfish ambition and lack of morale judgement opens a unique door for me to express my inner villainy, lol. 

I enjoy writing in storylines where I can express my creativity. It's more than kidnapping Mary Jane and going toe-to-toe with Spider-Man on a rooftop. The storylines in the modern day comic era have evolved to brilliance that keeps you at the edge of your seat. 


Different comic variations have given the character multiple origins. I've come across several background stories that have told Wilson's history from different perspectives. In all honesty, I love them all. With this conclusion, I've decided to reserve my character's background to a mystery. It gives him a little extra...spunk. However, there are a few core foundations that I refuse to stray from:

1.) He was raised into crime. It's one of the key components to his character today. While Wilson isn't a mathematician, or a neurologist, or doesn't hold the fancy title as a Doctor or a Professor, life has been his teacher and as an assertive student he has acquired a remarkable skill-set in the streets. At a young age, Wilson established the core understanding that the streets were made of two men. Sheep and wolf. Predator and prey. Leaders and followers. From that revelation, he began his empire as Kingpin.

2.) As most overweight children, Wilson was a victim to extreme bullying. As Wilson was bullied and marked an outcast by other children, he sat on the sidelines an observed everything. Most kids would have ran inside crying, but Wilson reacted differently. This foreshadows a significant character trait that leads Wilson into the throne as the Kingpin. As those kids pushed him aside and doubted his talents it ignited a passion inside of Wilson, a passion to go above and beyond. 

3.) Wilson is madly in love with his wife, Vanessa. His love for her traces back to his original appearances in the 1980's Spider-Man comics. In the RP-verse, Vanessa is dead and gone (as in most mainstream comics). However, I play the crime boss with a hidden psychological break from his lack of proper grieving. Her death haunts him, even more so, his failures as a husband and a father. Though his love died with Vanessa, his needs as a man are met. In the PUNISHER: MAX comic series, Elektra quoted them as whores before sleeping with Wilson herself.

Now, for the storylines that have impacted how I play my character,

1.) FISK TOWER. The building was destroyed in the recent Amazing Spider-Man comics (thank you, Web-Slinger and Black Cat), however, I've had extreme appeal to the FISK TOWER for a base of operations. So, for the sake of RP, I've tuned the initiative to reconstruct the tower with higher security protocols to help prevent the inconvenient recurrence of it's demolition. Of course, Fisk privately funded it's reconstruction as a result of his latest criminal activity.

2.) FISK ENTERPRISES. As much as Fisk is a criminal, he's a business man. He has an obvious talent for networking and pretty much getting what he wants. Fisk has relaunched his legitimate business (previously FISK INDUSTRIES, UNION ALLIED, etc) however he's been channeling it's purposes to build his public persona. FISK ENTERPRISES has a unique mission objective. They're science department is known for aiding in developing cures for major diseases. He's even launched a program to fund college tuition for low-income students. As Chairman of the Board of this 501c3 Non-Profit, it's allowed him to access government grants to fund his operations. Using this business he's managed to hire a number of scientist, lawyers, and associates, all of which he uses to his advantage off the books. 

3.) ASSASSIN'S GUILD. As mentioned in Scarlet Spider #19, Wilson has acquired ownership over the guild. However, such publicity would trump his efforts in contrast to FISK ENTERPRISES so this organization is kept as his underground task force to complete his dirty work. In the RP-verse, this has opened a window of opportunity for Wilson to hire a variety of skilled mercenaries (Bane, Deathstroke, Deadpool, etc) as his muscle power against the likes of the Avengers or Justice League. 

4.) CRIME KINGDOM. In addition to all else, even above his attempts to gain the public's trust, Wilson Fisk is still the crime king of New York City. He has a majority control over the drug trade, human trafficking, illegal weapon exchange and any other crime that may threaten New York. He's made a public declaration to all criminals, no one is permitted to operate anything illegal without his consent first. 

If you're interested in joining a storyline or engaging in a preexisting one with Kingpin, you can easily find them at my group:

Fisk Estate

And now, what we've all been waiting for...

[I] THOU SHALL NOT STEAL. Seriously, I work extremely hard on perfecting every aspect of my character. Don't steal my pics, don't steal my ideas and definitely don't steal my dinner, unless you're hired to do so, we can totally arrange something for that.

[II] THOU SHALL NOT WHINE. Keep the OOC banter to yourself. If it's IC, its fair game.

[III] THOU SHALL NOT (AUTO) MURDER. Self explanatory, autoing will be automatically ignored. 

[IV] THOU SHALL NOT COMMITTETH DRAMA-RY. Drama is a cancer to RP. Nuff said.

[V] THOU SHALL HAVETH FUN. Its why we're all here, right? Unless you're some kind of erotic roleplayer fulfilling some disturbed fantasy, in that case, I probably won't even accept your request. Aaaanyways, writing here shouldn't be a chore but a pleasure.

Side note: I'm very selective with my adds, due to previous sour experiences. I tend to stay incorporated with MARVEL/DC roleplayers, exceptions are made. OCs are welcomed, to an extent. 

Aaaand, that's all folks. Sign below, in blue or black ink please...or I'll smash your face in, or something. 


...That time I wasn't kidding. 


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Man Without Fear


Still can't get over that Elektra slept with Fisk, but I've read your rules. You claim to be a man of honor. I do hope you follow your own rules. 

Posted on Tue Mar 21, 2017, 05:00




Posted on Mon Jan 16, 2017, 10:57



I look forward to writing with you Wilson. Even if I am only a figment of your imagination...

Posted on Thu Jan 12, 2017, 03:37



I understand Mr. Fisk Please do see me when you have a moment I think we can work well together.

Posted on Wed Jan 11, 2017, 15:08

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