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01/11/2017 07:57 PM 

Loving the flames [Short-Story]

“How about a cigarette, perhaps then I might talk.” An evil grin curled up on a young male’s face. His eyes were hazel colored, his hair dark brown and long, his hands resting on a desk, bound together by metal cuffs and his expression completely careless, yet taunting.

The older male that was sitting in front of the captured youngster sighed deeply. They have been here for hours and he hadn’t said anything that could help with the running case. “Very well,” he said and took a box of cigarettes out of his pocket and handed him one. His hand went searching for something else as well. 

“Oh, no need for that officer.” There was this glistering of amusement in his eyes as he took the cigarette and brought it to his lips with both hands, soon he inhaled while it was resting between his lips and not much later there was smoke coming from his cigarette.

The office stared at him with wide eyes. “How did you -?” 

“How did I lit the cigarette without a lighter?” He laughed amused. “Oh, I’m so much more than people like you.” Cocking his head a bit to the side while he stared back at him.

“People like us?” Whatever the young male was telling him, made the officer more confused by the minute. 

He sat up straight in his chair, placing his hands on his lap, without losing eye contact. “Muggles, you are a shame to people like us.”

The old man frowned. “People like you?”

“By Merlin’s beard! This is one of those reasons I hate Muggles, you are so clueless, so afraid of the unknown and so incredibly stupid!” He raised his voice before in a smooth, fast movement he was only a few inches away from the officer’s face. Bringing the cigarette to his lips again, inhaling the smoke and blowing it into his face.

“Choose your words wisely Dwight Potter, you are insulting an officer and I can at least give you a ticket for that.” The older one got angry and impatient with the one he had before him.

Dwight acted impressed. “Oooh, a ticket. Officer, you know how to frighten a man.” His grin turned wider and his laugh was wicked.

The jaw of the officer tightened as he was trying to keep his annoyance in check. “Tell Mr. Potter, do you know anything of the burnings that happened this month?”

Just like hours before, he kept his lips sealed once he started to ask questions about the arson’s that had been happening the past few weeks. He would just look at him with an evil grin on his face, telling him nothing.

“WHY WON’T YOU TALK?!” He slammed his hands on the table. 

Dwight got quite bored of this, throwing the cigarette but on the ground before his hazel hues lowered to the cuffs around his wrist. “Hmm, I won’t mind showing you something else.” He placed his hands back on the desk. “Look at the cuffs officer – LOOK AT IT!” He shouted.

Even if the officer didn’t like Dwight’s tone, he to lowered his eyes and settled on the cuffs. He watched how the edged of the metal bindings turned hot red. “What – are you doing?”

He pulled his wrist apart from each other, kept pulling and tugging until the metal broke and fell on the table, the hot metal created black spots on it before it slowly caught fire.

The officer jumped up from his chair and grabbed his gun, but soon he dropped it with a painful hiss and looked at his hands. Burning marks showed and he got overrun by fear. 

Dwight was a little too quick for the old man and he grabbed him at both sides of his arm. “Now, where is my wand?” He asked in a demanding tone.

“Wand? Y-you mean that – piece of wood?” Fear made the old man’s voice stutter. 

“PIECE OF WOOD?!” He got angered. “A wand is a magic item, officer!” Answering quite offended.

“It’s – It’s at the front desk by the – entrance.” 

“Splendid!” He moved his hands up to his shoulder before taking a hold of his face. “You know too much Muggle officer, you know and have seen way too much.” He shoved his thumbs before the eyes of the officer and started to press, hearing the man scream in pain and felt him fighting him. Blood rushed over his hands and eventually, watched how the officer’s eye socket caught fire. The screaming ended quite soon as he had died within his grasp, he dropped him before he would hang on his thumbs and watched him for a few seconds. “It was fun, for as long as it lasted.”

Dwight walked over to the door and wanted to open it, but it was locked, yet he took no effort to look for the key on the coaled, dead body. The young wizard placed his hand on the door and destroyed it within a couple of seconds, once he was able, he left the interrogation room. He came to a halt for a moment. “Why not?” Moving his hand smoothly, he fueled the fire on the desk and watched how it viciously swallowed everything in there.

With haste, he moved towards the front of the building.

“HALT! HANDS IN THE AIR!” A middle-aged woman stood before him, her gun pointed at him and ready to shoot. 

He raised his hands just like he was told. “You should have just shot me.” Snapping his fingers and burned the bullets inside of it, causing it to go off in front of her face. Again he started to move and finally found the place where he could find his wand. “Got it.” He muttered to himself.

Once he was outside of the building, he looked around and saw a couple getting into a car. “Wait!” He ran over to them and knocked on the window. The male behind the wheel lowered his window. “Imperio.” A green like a fog was pushed into the face of the driver. “Wait just a second.” He took a few steps back and set the car on fire. “Now drive, drive into that building as fast as you can.” He smirked.

“Who do you think you are?!” The woman shouted, but before she could say anything else, her husband already started the engine and started to speed instantly. “NO!” There was a terror in her voice and there was nothing she could do. 

Dwight made sure to take a safe distance for what was going to happen next. When the car drove through the walls with a crash, soon followed by a big explosion. The wizard started to laugh and made sure that the building was completely swallowed by flames before he apparated away from the crime scene.


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