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01/10/2017 11:38 PM 


So you want to be one of my mains? 

What's that entitled exactly?
Well i'm glad you asked this is just a list of a few things i expect from my mains.

1.) Active
You have to be active i don't want just another abandon page on my list.
Real life first of course but please inform me when you need to leave for more than a day. 

2.) Talk. 
I can't stress this enough! 
In addition to being active i need you to talk because if you're on and you just sit there saying nothing it's as bad as not being active. I need talkative people.

3.) Creative.
For the love of god please use the damn brain you were gifted with and help me come up with storylines. this is a two way street okay? In the past i've been the one forced to come up the storylines so please.. share this creative process with me. Don't make me do everything.

4.) Alternate Universe:  If you're working that angle i love AU's okay?  I find them fun and interesting.  So please if you've got an idea don't be afraid to run it by me.

5.)  No OOC Drama. This show/ verse has enough drama and i'm here to escape OOC so i rather not talk about it.

6.) Smut: Smut scenes will only be played out with My Love Interest so don't ask about it. 

7.) The LI: Jude adams foster is Noah's Love Interest and will remain so. I'm looking for a reliable fun and creative person to be my Judicorn.

8.) Literacy is important.

For now that's all i have so just to recap;
Active, Talkative, Creative, No OOC Drama.,Smut only with the LI, LI Is Judicorn and Be literate. 

If you're interested in helping me bring the verse back then please drop a comment or message me.. anything.
All characters are open and needed right now.


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