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February 23rd, 2017

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Age: 13
Country: United States

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January 10, 2017

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Name:  Negotiable

Age:  Twenty seven

Face: Ian Somerhalder (Negotiable)

Former model who used to work with Lucy on various modeling jobs. He moves to Cali to pursue a surfing career. On the side, he owns a coffee shop that he inherited from his grandfather. He and Lucy were close friends, and even shared a crush on each other. 

Name: Levi (Last name here)

Age:  Seventeen

Face: Austin Butler

Levi and Lily grew up side by side as best friends in a high crime neighborhood in New York.. When scared, she would shine a flashlight from her window into his, trying to get his attention. Then the two would talk  on military grade walkie talkies until she fell asleep. Fresh from New York, Levi at some point joined a gang, but never told Lily since he knew she would try to talk him out of it. After he was arrested for his first incident at the age of 15, he was allowed to stay in jail for 90 days. Lily was not there waiting for him when he was released, like she had promised she would be. Feeling abandoned and betrayed by his best friend, he threw himself into the gang more until he got arrested a second time. His parents, pissed at their son and his reckless actions, send him to California to live with his Uncle who is a retired drill sergeant where Levi and Lily reunite.

Name: Xander Silver

Age: 17 

Playby: Asa Butterfield
The older nephew of Lucy Silver. He is a bit shy but is protective of his baby brother. Lucy and him are close because of the loss of Lucy's sister and brother-in-law. He was unsure of the adoption his aunt proposed but once he realized it would keep him and his brother out of the foster system and that she was living in California, he could not wait for a change of scenery. Living in Orlando would just remind him of his parents. Xander enjoys reading, drawing, anime, and hopes to join some clubs in his new school. 

Name: Logan Silver

Age: 9

Playby: Jacob Tremblay 

The younger nephew of Lucy Silver. He is outgoing and enjoys playing with his big brother, despite the age difference. The loss of his parents was shocking, but when he found out Aunt Lucy was going to protect him, he could not wait to move in with her. He felt like Lucy was a second mom to him, so he was happy to be with her more than usual. He hoped his big brother would also like being around Lucy more soon too. Logan enjoys playing soccer, swimming, watching movies, reading, and going to school. Logan is excited to meet other kids and wants to join a soccer team after he is all settled in Cali.

Name: (first name negotiable) Kwon 

Playby: Kim Taehyung

Age: 18

He is very close to Hyomin. He likes being the youngest and takes full advantage of it. He is highly protective of his sister even though he is the youngest. He loves acting like a child. His nickname is lion, because he looks like a little lion.


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