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January 10, 2017

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01/10/2017 09:23 PM 


Hello and welcome to the application process. All characters must be ORIGINAL. We are not accepting real life/cannon pages; Original characters ONLY.

Thank you for your interest in Tour Life RPG! Before you audition, please make sure you have signed the rules and viewed the taken page so you donít audition with information that is already in use. The setting of this groups is based off of a musicianís life on tour. We capture the lives of musicians and those who work in the industry. Let us begin the application.

If there are any questions, please contact a moderator.


1. What interested you in this group? Did anyone refer you? If so, who?
2. What are your plans to benefit to this group?
3. How many other active pages do you have? How often can you be here?
4. Whatís your favorite type of music?


Character name:
Playby (pick two of your favorites just in case):
Birth place and current location:
Band (if applicable):
Position (if applicable):
Three positive and negative traits:
Three facts about character:
Secret (be as detailed as possible)*:
Brief bio*:
URL and AIM*:
Writing sample*:

Occupation* - Your occupation must have something to do with the music industry. I.E. Musician, manager, stagehand, make up/clothing artist, extra, groupie, merch girl/boy, fan club president, roadie, or other relevant person to the world of music.

Secret* - Your character must have a secret that they would dread to see on the tabloids. Know that your secret is not for other memberís knowledge, unless your character confides in theirs.

Brief bio* - This portion is so we can get to know your character! Five sentences or more would be preferred, but feel free to be as detailed as possible.

URL and AIM* - Your character is required to have a separate page. AIM screen names are encouraged, but NOT required.

Writing sample* - Your writing sample must be in character unless otherwise specified. It must be at least three paragraphs or more, in third person.


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