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February 22nd, 2017

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01/10/2017 09:08 PM 


If you've read the Rules blog (which is required if you apply for any positions) you will know that I'm working to turning this into a Charity Movement. 

1.) Think Tank Crew: I need a group of people that can help me brainstorm and put together this movement. Right now I'm doing this alone and it is more than a one-person job. I'll be honest that I don't have extensive knowledge in starting a non-profit but I've got a lot of books that I'm going through and doing a step at a time but I need some help with ideas that will help build this nonprofit and keep it successful! 
Requirements: At least 16 years old (prefer 18+), a love for the Arts, love for Non-Profits, have an AIM and an email that you answer regularly. 

2.) The Professionals: These roles are open to those who have knowledge (getting a degree or have a college degree) and want to do your part to help others. I need at least one person for each "Art" (Music, Performing Arts, Dance, Photography, Writing, etc). I'd like our "Professional's" to post tutorials, what you've learned, create downloadable papers, and/or 

3.) Desk Jockey: Right now we need help to get lots of more people added to the site. Must Not Abandon! Be able to put in a few hours, 3x a week, to keep up with everything. They will also be the one sharing our share code 2x a week, and much more.  

4.) Editor(s): I need someone to do edits for Contest winners and special prizes for share outs. To apply for this position please send me 5+ extra-edit premades. You may also post premades alongside my premades on this site if you want. I don't have a set amount that must be done each month... the only big thing is the contests. For editors: you won't get your own page or your own rules. I like to keep everything in one place. Many don't use pages where they have to go to multiple pages.  All the premades will go onto one page unless you have a tumblr and then you will get a link in the premades blog to your tumblr page. I will add a "Request" blog where people can request Premades that they are wanting. 


***If you are interested in any of these positions please Message me with the Title of the Job First! And I will send you the information I need. I will be picky with who I choose because I want to make sure that I have a great group that I can work with. 


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