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01/04/2016 04:42 PM 

Rebellion on Corellia - Part II

Rebellion on Corellia - Part II

Twelve men. Twelve of Major Julan Trąs best men and Ma`Khina against an amount of imperial soldiers. Two.. maybe three hundred of soldiers. The Twi`lek still couldn`t believe that she accepted the command over this, but sometimes hope was everything that kept someone up. The Major has given her her lightsabers back. Those swords had been lost in the `Lost Hope` just like T7. If they could salvage her swords, then maybe they also could find T7. That was her thought behind this. Her hope behind this suicide command. This and the fact that she didn`t want to leave one man behind.

It was past midnight when the small troop finally arrived at Coronet City. Cowering down behind a small rock formations the studied the city and its guards. Just like their spies have reported it. Six soldiers on the main entrance and two gun turrets on each side. Ma`Khina sighed deeply. The force was tingling in the back of her mind. Warned her and caused her heart to race. There was more behind this fence. More than just a few hundred men with blasters and some gun turrets. There was a bigger menace waiting for them and the force tried to warn her.

``Ma`Khina.. sometimes it`s better to get away alive than dying in the try``

``I can`t leave now..`` her voice was just a soft whisper, a reminder to herself. She couldn`t leave anymore. They went so far. They came here to save Coronet and Bela Vistal. Another deep breath was taken. `Calm down, Ma`Khina. Your thoughts are like a storm right now and you can`t sail a ship in a storm` she thought by herself. Turning her head the blue skinned Twi`lek looked at the man right next to her - Commander Jonathan Larsen, her right hand during this mission. A soft nod was exchanged between the two of them. The plan was clear. They had spoken about it more than a hundred times before starting off for this mission. Larsen and his men would cause some chaos and break the gun turrets. They are the distraction. While Ma`Khina would free the citizens of Corellia. Information was given that those were captured in the warehouses. They had to be fast if they wanted to free them all.

Gently the young woman laid a hand on the Commander`s shoulder, a soft smile on her lips as she looked into his eyes. ``Be careful, Commander““ she said in a soft tone, knowing that this could be the last time they talk. The human just smirked and nodded. ``I`m more worried about you, Captain. Your job is the hard part in this so.. good luck!““ With a soft smile on her lips the Twi`lek nodded at the commander. ``I`ll be fine, no worries, Commander. May the force be with you!``

For a moment the Twi`lek closed her eyes and inhaled a slow deep breath, opening her mind for the force. Five years.. five years did she reject the force but now she opened herself for it again. For this special mission she would need any help. A soft tingle and a warm feeling suddenly filled her mind and her cells. The force was gently spreading and entering each part of her body. Refilled her muscles with energy and cleared up her mind. Slowly she lifted her head and opened her eyes, looking straight at the gate in front of them. 200 meters maybe.

In one fast and graceful move Ma`Khina jumped over the rocks and ran towards the entrance. The darkness was her friend, the force her shadow. Just as she was about ran into the spotlights which were built up around the gate and lightening the ways, two of the soldiers from her team shot them off. Before anyone could see or sense her, she was through the gate. But two soldiers recognized her presence and aimed their blasters at her. Her left lekku twitched nervously. A warning. Cowering down she made a fast turn, slamming her right fist into one`s jaw. With a weak groan the male fell onto the floor. Shaking her aching hand she looked around for her other attacker, but the soldier was already distracted again. Her team started the attack. `The distraction.. do your job, Ma`Khina`

Using the force to cover her presence she ran as fast as even possible towards the warehouses. The streets were full with soldiers and she had to stay in the shadows which meant some detours, but nobody attacked her by far. Ma`Khina reached the first warehouses as the sound of an explosion reached her ears. The first gun turret was not existent anymore.

There were two soldiers standing guard at the door. Blasters would make too much noises and the chance was big enough that the blasterfire wouldn`t hit through their armor. Running towards them she drew her right lightsaber. Though, she hadn`t felt the weight of her own saber in years, it still felt familiar. Like an extension of her arm. Only inches away from the soldiers, she finally activated the light blue blade. Two fast strokes and the soldiers laid on the ground. Twirling the saber in her right hand she looked around. No other soldiers around. No one has recognized her attack. Good.. this meant she could open the doors and free the first civilians without any risk. After activating the control panel the doors slid open with a hiss and the blue skinned woman slipped inside. Seeing that no other guard was inside she stepped forward to a group of people, linking the hilt of her lightsaber back on her belt.

``I am here to free you. The doors are open, the guard is eliminated. Run towards the gates, my team will await you there. Pick up weapons wherever you can and fight if necessary. I go and open the other warehouses!``

``Wait! What about you?``

``I`ll come to the gates with the last group. Now go!``

Ignoring any other protest she ran towards the doors, her hand on the hilt of her sword again, but no one was around. With a wave she signed, that the coast was clear then turned to the right. Those people were on their own now while Ma`Khina was on her way to open the next warehouse.

``Ma`Khina. I knew you would come!``

The Captain stopped. Breathing fast she looked in panic into the distance. This voice. This dark voice was so clear in her head suddenly. He must be close. Breathing deeply she looked around. Nothing. No soldiers. No imperial officers. No one. Where did this voice come from. With a surprised gasp she suddenly closed her eyes. Images of an office not far away from her filling her mind suddenly.

``Meet me here and I`ll let all the people go. Corellia isn`t from much interest for me anyway. But you.. you are indeed!``

`` Don`t go, Ma`Khina! This is a trap. He will kill you if you go!``

Shaking her head she tried to ignore those voices in her head. This wasn`t the right time for hallucinations. The folk of Corellia needed her and she would do anything to free them all. Another explosion pulled her out of her thoughts and finally she fell back into a fast running. But still.. who was that voice in her head? Why did he know her name? What did he want from her?

Ma`Khina reached the other warehouses and freed the rest of the citizens of Coronet city without any problems. It was like someone has ordered the soldiers to ignore her. Why? What was going on? This all was going much too smooth. It was weird. The tingle in the back her mind grew stronger and nervously the blue skinned woman bit on her lower lip. Maybe it was time to find out the truth.

After sending the last citizens to the gates she slowly wandered along the streets. They were empty. There weren`t any guards or soldiers. One hand hovered over the hilt of her lightsaber. The tingle in the back of her mind grew stronger and became a steady and painful prickle. Her lekku twitched nervously.

``So, we finally meet, young Jedi``

Ma`Khina stopped in her tracks and activated her saber, the blue blade glowing only inches away from her face. Her eyes looking right over it to the tall figure in front of her. She knew who this was. She had met him before.. or better.. his voice.

``Darth Malgus...``


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