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05/27/2015 02:55 PM 

The kinapping of a mortal.
Category: Stories
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Take us away Blake. 


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Once gag was removed from mouth he would spit in Blake's face."Fuck you, you crazy fuck!" Head would slam forehead, connecting with Blake's forehead."You harm Nate, and I swear to God I will cut you into little bitty pieces, and burn you like the trash you are!" Browns were wide, almost black from the size of his pupils. He had never felt so much rage as he was  feeling at this very moment.

Posted on Fri May 29, 2015, 01:12



He pulled,and writhed with his restraints. Screams would be but a muffle against the fabric that has been shoved into his mouth. The room was dark,his head throbbing. He heard Blake's voice then the faint sound of his love was heard. Louder muffled cry into gag. His body started to shake,he was scared something he thought he would ever be with Blake. 

Posted on Thu May 28, 2015, 15:18



He had just made it to the door of the bar when he hear a very fimiluar voice. He gave a turn seeing Blake. A soft sigh would leave those full lips of his."What do you want Blake? I am meeting Nate." He would move into the pull. He gave a a little chuckle."Can't let me be can you?" Comfident grin that would soon change into a frown as he felt those arms around his head. He would put up a fight until the oxygen had left. Tall frame would fall limp into those arms. 

Posted on Wed May 27, 2015, 22:59



Bag was packed he was not looking forward to being away from Nate for a week,but it had a job to do. So sad the life of a model traveling around to world for free,having people admire your beauty,and worst of all the godly amount of money he made. Oh the life of a model. He was going to stop by the bar for a quick drink before catching a cab to the airport. He called up the bookstore telling Nate if he happened to get out early,and wanted to see him before he took off to meet him at the bar. 

Posted on Wed May 27, 2015, 17:28

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