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[CLOSED] The Labymirth of Dress-Up

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10/18/2013 02:59 PM 

[Profile] Captain of the Marionette Branch

((I swear to god I bet everyone is going to be thrown away because I added my first male muse in this RP AU.))

Name: Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Nicks: Captain Ishimaru, Experiment No. 3 (don't mention that name.)
Age: N/A
Race: Strung Marionette/Puppet adaptation (physically atlered, formerly human)
Class: "Super High School Level Hall Monitor", Captain of the Marionette Branch
Occupation: N/A
Residence: Candeloro's Witch Barrier
Weapons/Skills: Owns a megaphone to enforce spoken order (or when he feels like it).

Bio: On Candeloro's frozen 16th birthday, the girls had found their way into the "lab" from a locked school (by magic) and rescued Kiyotaka Ishimaru (puppet adaptation) and Sayaka Maizono (wind-up doll adaptation). As Sayaka was treated with kindness by Danya, Ishimaru was re-casted to "repair" his head to model like a real human's (and not like the creepy puppet's mouth) and is threatened to take on his job as the "captain" and polish up the captured Sayaka and Kyouko's hunged bodies. Due to his nature as "hall monitor", he accepts and is granted movement on the stage with his own "enchanted strings".

Ishimaru's attire took the form of "The Nutcracker" on strange and is stuck with these tacky clothes. He also takes a dislike for Danya's rude behavior towards him. As he is ordered to organize shows and plays, he uses his spare time to re-build his "high school dream" on the back stage. He was not praised to well by most dolls because he was a "male".


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