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Gender: Female

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September 06, 2011



10/11/2013 02:05 PM 

Kaida Uzuki

Kaida Uzuki
"A place for all things."


Background Info

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 pounds
Species: Human (genetically modified)
Continent and City: Japanese Mainland. City of Utopia-3.

Personal Info

Likes: Iron Soul, her friends,
Dislikes: Unders, sour food, depressing things
Hates: Dark Queen, sympathizers to the Virus, cowards
Fears: Dark Queen, the Virus, death, Exiles

Original Eye Color: Green. Artificial right eye appears green normally, glows violet when activated.
Original Hair Color: Brown

Personality: Kaida is a nice, relatively friendly girl. She is usually bright and optimistic, always trying to make the situation better. She has been described as strong at heart, and always willing to help a person in need. Animals and people are on a similar level to her; all living things should be treated with respect and loved, for everything has its place.

Relationship Status: Single
Family: Her father, Jin Uzuki. Mother is deceased. Sees everyone as her family, though.

* A strong Heart. While this may not seem like a strength, she is able to talk her way out of most situations, and reason with people, making it one of her most valued assets.
* Nature in general. She personally prefers to be closer to the nature part of the IS than the machine, even though she recognizes the need for balance between them. She studies and is very fond of nature, being knowledgeable in resources.
* Being Human. This means she has little natural instinct for survival, and not having any redeeming physical traits in Nature. Without knowledge, she'd die in mere seconds.
* Due to her lack of experience, she is very weak in a fight, and often unable to put enough force into her punches to do any real damage.
* Artificial enhancements have given her a replacement eye much better than the original. It is able to see in lower light, scan objects more quickly, and enhances vision in general.
* Again, artificial enhancements. She was genetically crafted with a higher speed than normal humans should, as her father was a scientist working under the IS. Her muscles produce more chemicals, and are able to react as fast as a wild animal's to allow maximum protection from the Under threat.

Dominant Hand: Left
Alias: Maho
Rank: Class C citizen. Though her father is a Class B scientist, she has yet to be ranked above the average stature of the populace.
Modifications: She was born with faster nerve-synapses than a normal human, and has gained an artificial eye for optimized vision.
Gear: Often a canteen, a hand-cannon (able to turn basic materials, such as stone, into ammunition), and various gear for studying nature. A Multi-Use Study Tablet (MUST, containing various navigation instruments and a camera, along with other things), and an emergency receiver in case she gets attacked by Unders while outside the city.
Battle Skills: bare minimum. Her only experience is shooting a creature with the hand-cannon to distract it, then running back to safety.


Kaida was born seventeen years ago in the city of Utopia-3, the daughter of a Class-C citizen, her mother, and a Class-B scientist, her father. They had met each other after a Raid, and soon fell in love, deciding to have a child together. Working for the Temple of IS as a geneticist, her father put some advanced systems in place during formation to allow her the greatest chances of survival in this cruel world. She was born healthy, and lived a happy life.

Her family had lived in the center of Utopia-3, the city of almost a million, making sure to stay far away from any combat with the Unders. They lived their life just fine, allowing Kaida to go to school, and study how to destroy this Virus that plagued their homeland for a thousand years. It was a happy, nice childhood, even with the scare that watched over them every day.

On a scouting mission to study the affects of the Under Virus on the nature outside the dome, the party was attacked by Infected. They were able to fight them off, but it was an ambush. A few Guards were lost, along with Kaida's mother and her right eye. This was traumatizing to the young woman. Only a few months later, she was still healing from the emotional wounds and adjusting to her new cybernetic eye given to her from the Iron Soul itself.


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