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07/01/2013 01:33 PM 

Naruto OC 3

[b]Username: [URL=]Kashu[/URL] [/b]

[b]Points:[/b] 0/0



[center][big][big][b]Tsukitou Sarin[/b][/big][/big]



[Nindo]"Keep going higher; one day, even I will be able to touch the moon."[/center]


[center][b][big]General Information[/big][/b][/center]

[b]Age:[/b] 14

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Height:[/b] 5'7"

[b]Weight:[/b] 152

[b]Hair: [/b] His hair is the color of charcoal, a dark grey-black that is usually kept spiked. The back is pulled into a rat-tail that goes to his mid-back, but otherwise it is kept average length.

[b]Eyes:[/b] Deep purple

[b]Physical Features:[/b] He is built tough, and has a small scar running across his cheek. While his strength may not lie in pure muscle, he is at an average build, defined from the years at the academy.

[b]Clothing/Accessories:[/b] Sarin usually wears a simple black short-sleeved shirt with a red collar and zipper stripe, and baggy gray pants with several pockets for storing various items, such as ninja tools. Accenting this look are two red belts hung loosely around his waist. Fingerless gloves adorn his large hands, the kanji "Moon" written on the right glove. Around his right arm is his forehead protectector.

[b]Forehead Protector:[/b] Worn as an armband around his right arm

[b]Personality:[/b] Sarin is usually calm, never trying to let his anger get the better of him. Though, just because he has a calm attitude, it would be wrong to assume that's his way. Often training in private and showing off for the cute girls his results, the rookie ninja tries to keep things playful and light-hearted. His aim is to be better than those around him, so if he sees somebody pull off a new technique or beat him in a fight, he will train to overcome them, always wanting to be in the lead.



[center][b][big]Battle Information[/big][/b][/center]

[b]Rank:[/b] Genin

[b]Village:[/b] Village Hidden in Clouds, Land of Lightning (Kumogakure no sato)

[b]Chakra Affinity:[/b] Lightning (Raiton)

[b]Second Chakra Affinity:[/b] Earth (Doton)










[*][b]Wit: [/b]3




[*] 5 kunai strapped to the thigh of each leg

[*] 2 flash bombs in a pouch on his left leg

[*] 5 smoke bombs on his right leg

[*] 10 exploding notes in a pouch on his left leg

[*] 1 Retractable blade hidden in each arm guard


[i][b]Combat Style[/b][/i]


Tsukito likes to fight up-close. Most of his moves are meant to stun or distract opponents from medium range while he zips in and delivers several sharp blows to take down opponents. He prefers flashy techniques that draw an opponent in to fake openings, before taking advantage of his opponents mistake.




Tsukitou Sarin was born in a normal family from a normal house in a normal, everyday, average world. Of course, by the age of nine, he decided to be anything but his birthright. Leaving behind a poor family, Sarin sent out to become a ninja in the Cloud Village, and be the best he could.


Applying for the Ninja Academy as soon as he arrived, and doing spare jobs for extra cash to support himself. Living alone and training constantly, he taught himself taijutsu, and learned his ninjutsu from other students and action movies, as well as learning housework and decent cooking skills.


Graduating with one of the highest scores, Sarin finally became a genin, able to take on real missions and train with the best. His fame is slowly spreading, being known for his original fighting style and impressive use of skills at such a young age.


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