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October 14th, 2019

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Gender: Female

Age: 26
Country: United States

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September 06, 2011



07/01/2013 01:28 PM 

Shiranui Rena

Shiranui Rena
Fighter of Peace
Some things can only be conveyed through battle..

[image] [image]

But these are the things that are worth protecting.

My Name is Rena Shiranui

I am also known as Rena, Shira, Tenshi

I am a Female.

I am around 1300 years old, appear 23

I'm currently a Fighter, Exterminator, Bounty Hunter, Spreader of Peace

The story of my life: Originally born in the Youkai realm, I was raised under a tribe of powerful youkai that lived alongside humans peacefully. My mother was a demon, and my father was an incredible powerful warrior. I am the oldest daughter, and the first born child. Because of this, I was trained from a young age to be a powerful warrior and settle the differences between the worlds. My father, being transcended, managed to live up to five hundred years before dying in battle to protect a village of humans that was attacked by a rogue band of Youkai.
Seeing his death, I decided to train harder than ever to be able to stop such useless battles. I went into solitude, only coming down once every hundred years to battle at a Youkai tournament and test my strength. This went on for six centuries, and two hundred years ago I left for the human realm, confident in my maturing powers. I fought to stop humans from attacking peaceful Youkai and killed the weak Youkai that sought out human lives.
After two centuries in the human realm, I've become part of local legends and skilled in their technology, learning to use guns and machines as well as traditional weapons and fighting styles.
I decided to travel back to my homeland to visit my mother, and learned of its destruction by another group of Youkai that thought of us as sickened by humans.
Still shocked by this discovery, I try to seek revenge upon them and spread peace where I go.

People would say I am irritating, deadly, clumsy, quick-tempered, shy.

I can fight with Magic, Alchemy

I can use the highest levels of magic, summon powerful creatures to do my bidding, and create weapons out of thin air on a whim.

Peace, a good challenge, rain, strawberries, loyalty, flowers Can calm me down

Headaches, spicy food, complicated people, liars, losing, unnecessary deaths Can piss me off.


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