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05/27/2012 01:38 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 3 (Charity, Wendi)

Characters: Charity, Wendi  
Location: Their home, car, hospital
Time of Day: Dead of Night

BLOG START:  Wendi and Charity are husband and wife with their child due at any time.

Charity: Human
Wendi Human

This is a loose outline.  The blog participants are free to expand on the points and add to it as they wish.  The blog is done when they have met all the points.

-  Wendi is setting the table for Alec as he comes in the door from work and greets her, commenting about her beauty.
-  She mentions how she's been having light contractions all day and thinks that today could be their lucky day.
-  They sit down to have dinner together.
-  Wendi's water breaks.
-  Alec goes into full father mode, grabbing bags and supplies, rushing Wendi to the car.
-  Wendi tries to remain calm.
-  Alec has road rage and is short with everyone as they arrive at the hospital.
-  As they get settled, Wendi starts blaming Alec for her pain, but quickly apologizes.
-  Alec says it is his fault and he doesn't deserve such a wonderful woman.
-  Labor!
-  Baby is born.  They celebrate.


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