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05/27/2012 01:37 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 2 (Wrath, Valerie, Ben)

Characters: Wrath, Valerie, Ben
Location: Wrath's Hell
Time of Day: Mid- Afternoon

BLOG START:  Ben and Valerie have become a couple, and Wrath does not approve at all.  He has called ben to his hell to 'negotiate'. Valerie has been hanging around, and does not like the idea of her boss killing her man.


-  Ben arrives in Wrath's hell, knowing better than to ignore the summons of a demon. He thinks he knows what this is all about, but is unsure
-  Wrath sits him down, obviously holding himself back from fully exploding. He mentions how far this 'relationship' has gone, and says that he wants it to end
-  Ben says that they're past that point, that Wrath knows why they can't just split
-  Valerie yells something from another room, telling Wrath that she told him not to be mean to Ben.
-  She comes in, holding a three-month-old in her arms
-  Wrath says that he hates that thing and to get it out of his sight
-  Valerie cooes to the baby and says that "Uncle Wrathy" didn't mean anything by that. She goes and hands the child off to Ben
-  She says that he really should be more appreciative, at least now she won't be stupid enough to get herself killed
-  Ben takes his daughter and holds her, habitually stepping away from Wrath as he does so. He asks Valerie how she's been holding up
-  Wrath gags and makes a comment on the irony of Ben being the angel of Chastity
-  Valerie says that Emma rather likes the baby, and she actually facilitated their meeting
-  Wrath again says that he doesn't want that thing in his Hell, and for Ben to take it away
-  Valerie can sense that Wrath is moments away from snapping and doesn't want her daughter anywhere in the vicinity. She tells Ben to take her, and that she'll catch up later
-  Ben tells her to be careful and takes the baby away, presumably back to Heaven
-  Wrath tells Valerie that she has one messed up child, being raised in two feuding worlds
-  He tells her to go make him dinner
-  She obliges, knowing that food might actually settle him down. She comments on how he's like Gluttony, and walks off.


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Wrath wiggled his fingers at Ben right before he left and then dropped his hand as soon as the angel was nowhere to be seen. He'd have to remember that all he had to do to get that little crying, annoying brat gone was to throw a temper tantrum or pretend too. He raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders, taking another drink before setting the bottle down. "You know, your child - it's going to be fucked up. You are raising it in the middle of a war. How long do you think you can keep this up exactly? That baby will end up dying, it'll be a victim, which I know isn't what you want at all - but it will be. Do you really think myself or any of my siblings will stop to take pity on a baby? Especially one that is an angel's baby?" He shook his head and sank into his chair, kicking his feet up.

Hearing his stomach growl, he cast his eyes in Valerie's direction. After all that excitement, he was starving and though he didn't eat often, when he did - there was usually only one thing he wanted. "Go make me dinner. Preferably a turkey sandwich." He settled back into his chair, closing his eyes and wiggling down in it getting comfortable. "And make it snappy hm? I'm starving, all that excitement got to me." He rested his hands on his stomach and brought his lips together tightly, awaiting the complaints he knew were going to come from his reapers mouth.

Posted on Sun Jul 01, 2012, 20:40



This was ridiculous! What the hell was even going on? He never gave consent for his reaper to go and get knocked up by this goody goody little bitch and he wasn't going to agree with it now that the damn little rat was here now. He wanted it dead, he wanted Ben dead. Hell, he'd kill Valerie too if he didn't need her. It was all a big mess and he wanted it dealt with, he wanted it to be over. He watched the couple, sneering at them being all - loving. It was disgusting and he could feel the bile rising in this throat. Making gagging noises, he rose and pushed past them, making his way for the small bar. If he was going to watch this shit, he needed a drink preferably something strong.

He grabbed a bottle at random and brought it to his lips, skipping the pouring it into a glass part. He didn't want a glass, he wanted that little brat out of his home and he wanted her gone now. "I'm glad you are so amused by the fact that I hate all of this, Valerie. Are you going to be as amused when you are holding the dead infant? I highly doubt that, which brings me to my next point." His eyes flickered to Benjamin, who was holding the child. "You need to take that thing far away from here and never bring it back, if I see it again, I swear I'll redefine the definition of all hell breaking loose."

Posted on Sun Jul 01, 2012, 01:28



Eyes wavered from Valerie to the baby, back to Benjamin then to the baby once more as his face scrunched up in disgust. "Can you please remove that thing from this room? It's bad enough it has to live in my home - I don't want the damn thing anywhere near me." He spoke in a tart tone. He looked as if he had sucked on a lemon as he looked at the small creature and he stuck his nose up in the air and turned his face away. "Take it to another room, leave it alone and let it die or something, but get it away from me. If I hear one sound come from its mouth, I'll have its tiny little heart in my hands and then I'll have another soul to claim as mine." He adjusted himself in his chair and casually tossed his legs over the arm of it and turned back to Benjamin. "She can try to protect you all she wants, but in the end, none of it will matter and I want you to know that."

The flames from the fireplace reflected off the demon's eyes, giving him a more deadly look then he already head etched upon his features. "You two don't understand any of this now do you? That I don't have to deal with this child you've just happened to bring into this world? I don't have to deal with it being in my home and I think maybe, if what I say isn't taken into retrospect, then I'm going to have to do something to make you realize, that I'm not fucking around. I don't want this thing around me and when I say it, I fucking mean it!" His tone raised an octave and he lifted himself from the chair, walking towards the fire. He knelt down beside it and took ciggarette he had snatched up off the table as he walked away and put it in his mouth. With ease he leaned forward and let the flames catch the edge of the smoke, lightening it before pulling away. He took a long drag of it and turned around, tucking one of his hands into his pockets. "I'm in control over this, not either of you two assholes."

Posted on Sun Jun 24, 2012, 01:52



Fucking ridiculous. That was what this entire situation was. Whatever the fuck Valerie had been thinking when she slept with this dumb fucking fairy, he wasn't really sure, but the consequences surely rained down on them and now there was some thumb sucking drooling little shit in his Hell and he wished he could just kick it into Niagara Falls and be done with it. His gaze weighed down on Benjamin as he entered the room and his russet hues didn't leave him until the man was seated before him. "I did want to speak with you and I'm quite positive you already know what it is I want to discuss." He didn't have his usual smirk upon his face, instead his lips were curved down and his eyes were narrowed at Ben. He wasn't pleased about any of it, he wanted Ben gone. He wanted that thing gone.

He folded his hands together and took a deep breath, trying to contain the anger that boiled inside him. It wasn't anything new really, but today if he exploded well, no pun intended but Hell would rain down on the angel, his reaper, and their spawn. "You and Valerie, it's simple really. This , what you two have going on, it needs to end. Today." He reached for one of the half smoked cigarettes in the ashtray beside him and pulled it up to his lips, lighting it. If anything would lower the anger inside him, it was going to be this. "Do you understand me? You can do it, or I can find other means to end your little relationship." He had no means of trying to hide the threat behind the words. Ben knew what he was capable of and he should know that the demon wasn't one to mess around with. Death came easy for him and it would be much too easy to see Ben fall before him. Maybe it'd be fun to torture him first, show him what fun he could really be. And after he was finished torching the angel, he'd kill that fucking child of his. They could meet at the Heavenly gates or whatever bullshit really waited for their kind, honestly he didn't give a shit, he just wanted both of them out of his life.

Posted on Wed Jun 06, 2012, 02:58

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