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05/27/2012 01:36 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 1 (Pride, James Dorian)

Characters: Pride, James, and Dorian
Location: Lafayette Cemetery
Time of Day: Twilight

BLOG START:  James has been pining after Pride for years, and she has turned him down every time, though she has never told him why. Recently, he has been prowling around her Hell too often, and it has annoyed her to the point of needing to have him taken care of. She brings him to the cemetery under false pretenses, intent on showing him just why she is too good for him. Dorian is there waiting.

James: Reaper of Wrath

- James and Pride have appeared at the cemetery behind one of the mausoleums. He has assumed that she has brought him here so that they could be alone.
-  James asks Pride why they have not gone to her Hell instead, not that he particularly cares
-  Pride ignores James' questions and walks out in front of a statute, stopping to 'admire' it
-  James asks her again what she's doing, getting a bit closer to her than he should
-  She asks him why he thinks she has never yielded to him before
-  Before he can answer, Dorian steps out from behind the statue, a sword drawn. He does not attack as of yet
-  He grumbles about how Pride is late, referring to their meeting as a 'date'
-  James realizes why Pride has never given into him, he makes a snide comment
-  Pride says that she was held up by James' stupidity, and tells James to watch his tongue
-  James realizes that he's been set up, and asks Pride how she could do such a thing. He draws a smaller weapon to defend himself
-  Dorian openly laughs at James' choice of weapon, using a sarcastic threat against him in the process
-  He swings at the younger reaper, deliberately going easy on him to make him more confident so he will fight
-  James dodges the strike and fights back, managing to gash Dorian's arm
-  He creates an illusion around the three of them, distracting Dorian long enough so he can turn and run.
-Before he can get too far, he runs nearly face first into Pride, who has been able to get in his way. She sends him back at Dorian, destroying the illusion
-  Dorian has caught up, and swipes the tip of the sword across James' neck.
-  James falls, and knows that this is his end. he chooses not to fight anymore, and resigns himself to death.
-  After James dies, Pride says that it will not be long before Wrath makes his appearance, and suggests they leave
-  Dorian agrees with her, claiming a kiss before the two depart together.


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