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June 18, 2011


05/26/2012 10:34 PM 

If you plan to survive me.....

....then you should probably sign and abide by these rules.

#1- First of all let me start by stating that if you think you know me from myspace, you probably do. I have had Corin as an Amy Lee face since back in 2009. So, I am definitely up for getting old connections back from any of you that find me.

#2- I am not, nor do I claim to be Amy Lee. I am not the real Corin and there is no real Corin because Corin is a fictional character.

#3- Corin is reckless, careless and above all violent. If you are squeamish or you do not like violent role play, then do us both a favor and delete me now.

#4- I am a mature role player. Therefore, there will be mature content. So please, let me know if you are under the age of 18.

#5- I am an AU Twilight originating character. However, I love to dabble in crossing over with TVD and any other supernatural verse that I have knowledge of. Because I am AU I have altered a few things about my character. First, her eyes are red because she was so reckless that a witch in Italy, after many failed attempts at Corin's life, cursed her with frightening crimson eyes so that all would see her as a threat. Secondly, Corin does not sparkle in the sunlight, she will burn alive as any normal vampire would whom dare enter the sunlight without a day ring.

#6- The layout I currently have up, is called 'I'm too fucking lazy to make one'. So, a big thank you to the owner of the late and great SinfulMisfortune for making this epic layout. However, all writen content and the photos that you see were all done by me. Jock any of it and consider yourself blacklisted.

#7- That bullshit about 'you add, you talk' <---#FUCKTHATSHIT! If you want to discuss a story line, then let's get the ball rolling. But don't sit on your page feeling high and mighty as if you are too good to approach me first. It's not only rude, but it also says volumes about your personality.

#8- I play Corin as a complete and utter bitch. So, if you seek a BFF relationship where we can LOL and OMG together, then you have come to the wrong place. Corin will have associates that she 'tolerates' but tolerating is as far as she goes. Corin trusts no bitch and fears no man. Humanity is a complete waste of time for her. So, don't think that you can be a dreamer fairy and sprinkle some fucking magic dust on her that will make her love the world. It won't happen. So, if you can't handle 'hateful' role play relationships, please state so when signing these rules.

#9- I prefer multi-paragraph role play and up. Idle chit chat doesn't work with Corin, she'll get bored with your ass and snap your neck. If you can't handle that, delete me.

#10- Don't be afraid to approach me! I know that the context of these rules makes me sound like a total bitch but that is just the Corin in me talking. I adore role play and I am obsessed with playing this character. So, I am always in the mood for an epic story line discussion.

#11- The most important rule thus far; LITERACY IS A MUST! I get it if you make a few mistakes, we all do. However if you send me a reply that I have to decode to read due to lack of quotation, punctuation and capitalization use, then I will delete that shit and ask you to rewrite it. Microsoft word is a brilliant program and it tells you when there is a grammatical error. So, if you have doubts, use that shit!

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Posted on Wed Nov 28, 2012, 20:01

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