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05/22/2012 04:25 PM 

Boating, Flattery & The Volturi Ruins.
Current mood:  overstimulated

Kil: -pets and tells you about my boating experience today;
EV: I wanna hear!
Kil: Well...we hooked the boat to the back of the truck
Kil: And we drove around the yard.
Kil: then parked in front of the garage
Kil: and got drunk

тemρesтuous яαge: I think Mel has left us.. I feel.. better about life now.
-degenerate;: o.o
тemρesтuous яαge: Don't you?
тemρesтuous яαge: It was like seeing a unicorn
Mel Gibson: <--- DUN DUN DUN

тemρesтuous яαge: yeah, your mum died because the flu.
тemρesтuous яαge: Sooo... fuck you.
-degenerate;: And I'll fucking kill you.
тemρesтuous яαge: I've got nothing.
-degenerate;: Nobody survives the EV.
тemρesтuous яαge: I miss Mel
тemρesтuous яαge: u.u

тemρesтuous яαge: She was actually admiring me.
тemρesтuous яαge: I do that to women.
Ciara!: >​_>​
-degenerate;: ...I can appreciate that you do that to women
тemρesтuous яαge takes her hand
тemρesтuous яαge: Its okay to stare
Kilian.: -.-
-degenerate; slips between them both
-degenerate; just blinks o.o
тemρesтuous яαge: o.o
Ciara!: <_<
-degenerate; swings their hands all happily n.n
-degenerate; whispers about the good times to be had
-degenerate;: I need a second wife!
Kilian.: u.u
Kilian.: NO!
Kilian.: GTFO!
-degenerate;: The boy is good looking he can find another!
-degenerate;: SHUT UP
Kilian.: -drags Ciara out by the hair;
тemρesтuous яαge: ...Wait, excuse me.
Ciara!: -gets dragged- where are we going?
Kilian.: Away from my parents.
тemρesтuous яαge: What did you just say?
тemρesтuous яαge: Another wife?
Ciara!: Oh I see. -gets up and moves away-
-degenerate;: DX
-degenerate; paws at the air where she just was
тemρesтuous яαge just fucking falcon punches him

Ciara!: I wanna get intoxicated
Ciara!: <_<
тemρesтuous яαge: Well who's fault is that?
тemρesтuous яαge: I'm drunk, thus easy. What more do you want?
Kilian.: -shoves some beer at Ciara;
-degenerate;: No...this isn't the fun intoxicated it's the oh god if I don't hold onto the couch im going to fall off type

Kiki sits with her pb&j sandwich and icee.
Kilian.: o.o
-degenerate;: o.o
Kilian.: -smacks everything out of Kiki's hands;
-degenerate; smacks it out of her hand
-degenerate;: fdhkgjhdfgjkhfdkjg
-degenerate;: DAMN YOU
Kilian.: <.<
-degenerate; curb stomps it at least
Kiki: asdnaskldklasdljkl

тemρesтuous яαge: So.. Bella, yes? How are you liking this weather?
Awkward Albino.: Its hot as fuck.
Awkward Albino.: So not very liked by me.
Kilian.: -throws ice in her pants;
Awkward Albino.: -.-
-degenerate;: o.o
-degenerate; spots her pants
-degenerate; wonders why nobody else is commenting on her wetting herself
-degenerate; so just stares uncomfortably
Kilian.: -thinks they were waiting for you to do it;
тemρesтuous яαge elbows him and hisses
тemρesтuous яαge: don't stare.
-degenerate; thinks thats usually the case
Kilian.: -knows;
тemρesтuous яαge: OH NOW EVERYONE KNOWS

тemρesтuous яαge; (Not to ruin the moment but def read that while scratching my back with my ruler at work. Oooh yeah.) 

Kil: Life Ruiner (noun): someone who is unbelievably perfect; ruins your image on how most people are; makes you believe that most people are unworthy because there is someone like him/her around. 
EV: Ah, so this is about me.
Kil: DX. I was called a liferuiner.
EV: Well your perfection is undeniable!
Kil: I know this.

тemρesтuous яαge: EV brought home the wrong kid once.
-degenerate;: He was better looking

WellImAfraidThatI: i love you
WellImAfraidThatI: you're beautiful 
WellImAfraidThatI: and funny
WellImAfraidThatI: and bitchy
WellImAfraidThatI: and big headed
WellImAfraidThatI: and stubborn
WellImAfraidThatI: and mine.
WellImAfraidThatI: and I love you so much.
Anya: You're the funniest
Anya: You're hard to fight against
Anya: You're so good looking
Anya: You're so smart
Anya: You're a lush equal to my lush
Anya: You're poetic, don't deny it
Anya: You're logical
Anya: You're a realist to my dreamer
Anya: you're mental which makes you real
Anya: You're my past, present and future
Anya: You're -mine- so mine
Anya: And I love you so much, I am waiting to burst.
WellImAfraidThatI: ...I'm not opposed to making you burst.
WellImAfraidThatI: For the record.
Anya: ..... Why do I flatter you?
Anya: After all that, you muff dive into sexual jokes
Anya: Good day Sir
Anya: I have grown fed up with you
WellImAfraidThatI: prowwww I like when you get feisty!
Anya: Rejection is not feistyness, its just rejection! I say no and you confuse it with foreplay!
Anya: What's wrong with you?
Anya: Get off!
Anya: Go!
Anya: Shoo!
WellImAfraidThatI: I've played EV too long, took the masochistic bit to heart.
Anya: .... Well... We are gonna need counseling. Is that in our budget?
WellImAfraidThatI: Negative. You putting out however, is well within our means.

Anya: I imagine it is you
Anya: Its wonderfuk
Anya: Ful
WellImAfraidThatI: That was very classy.

Anya: Or is that how he spent his name
WellImAfraidThatI: thats how he spells it
WellImAfraidThatI: spelled
WellImAfraidThatI: he deaddddddd
Anya: Hmmm
Anya: Deeeeeaaaddddddddd


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тemρesтuous яαge;


....-is already busy daydreaming- Hm, what did you say?

Posted on Thu May 24, 2012, 20:58



That sounds like the greatest day I've ever heard of. From now on when I can't stand the sound of Anyanka's voice...I will daydream of that.

Posted on Wed May 23, 2012, 22:05

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