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Queen Amelia of Denmark

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05/20/2012 06:09 PM 

Meeting between Norway and Denmark


What it seemed to be a nightmare, became to reality the next morning when I woke up. For a moment I wished I could remember nothing but that was too much to ask; still present was the face of that creature I had seen the night before in the forest, moments before I had fainted, the only thing I could remember was Charles' voice calling my name, the thunder of horses galloping toward where I was and the breath of this creature so near my face.

The rest of the night I remain so confused, not knowing who was around me, hearing my name over and over and wishing everybody could disappear. My wishes became true near the sunrise, but before that, I could listen at the distance the yells of men and women. Some voices I could distinguish even in the regrettable state in which I was. My generals were commanding my troops, to protect the castle. I knew well what was at risk, not only the life of my mother and mine, but more important the life of the king and queen of Norway.

The queen....

"The Queen!" I opened my eyes at the thought of Azyriella. First I saw nothing only darkness around me, and then came the light when on of my ladies drew apart the curtains of my bed.

"Azyriella? Where is she? Where is the queen?" I demanded to the woman next to me. In her face I could see that something was wrong, even if she didn't answer my question. "I must find her..." I said pushing aside the blankets.

"Majesty, you are not well, you are injured!" one of the ladies-in-waiting told me while taking me from my arm, preventing I could fall on the carpet.

"No.." I said, holding myself to her arm. "You don't understand, the queen must be found, the king? Where is the King, is he alive? Is he safe?"

I tried hard to focus in what had happened the night before, I could remember myself riding off the country, into the forest to find the Vesta siblings, and then this windmill under attack, this creatures trying to destroy it and I remembered the French lady, and Tarquin, being taken by my men from that place, but Azyriella? No I couldn't remember we found her.

"The Duke?" I asked again, if someone could know where was the Queen of Norway it had to be him, "is he safe? Did he find the queen?" desperation was in the tone of my voice.

And then I saw that gaze of pity in her eyes. "No majesty, the Duke was injured when he came back from rescuing you, and he ordered to prepare the castle to resist the attack of this creatures, oh majesty it has been a living hell since then, the priests kept praying outside the royal chapel or what is left of it; your mother, queen Anja had been taking care of those nobles who were injured. Your castle became a refugee for those who were not able to reach the churches and the cathedral, it is only in holy ground where we feel we are safe!"

I closed my eyes, when I heard her words, images of what had happened the night before came to my mind. "My castle? Under attack?" I whispered not believing what I was listening.

For years the castle had been a secure place for the people of Copenhagen, for years the kings of Denmark had been able to keep any enemy outside the walls of the city and now they were inside? How was this possible?

My hands came to my head as I kept hearing the screams of my people, until I could not longer bare the pain, if they were suffering I could feel their suffer in my flesh. "Enough!" I yelled, "enough..." and then I could feel again the peace.

Everything was almost in silence, I opened my eyes and looked at them, "I don't want to hear about this anymore." I said trying to keep myself serene. "Take to the window" I asked fearing that would not longer see my beloved city.

What I expected to find was little of what it was, houses were burnt down, from my balcony I could see the soldiers carrying bodies of soldiers, of women, even from children who couldn't cross the gates on time. It broken my heart to see this in my lands.

"Call King Tarquin, I must speak with him at once." I said, as far as I knew he was the only one who could help me against this unknown enemy.


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Queen Amelia of Denmark



It is said that in times of need it is when you truly see the value of people. Such thing discovered the people of Copenhagen the next day. The empty streets were alive again. The people started to leave their refugees, the security of their homes with the hope to see the sunlight again; to feel the warmth of the spring to touch their faces and to know that what happened the days before was nothing more that a nightmare; and so it was for the first moments, until some of them started to discover the bodies without life of those who once they called family, or the neighbour who always came to their door to ask for something, or the widow who always remained in her home; now her body was found without life in a position that one can only think she was trying to reach the door of her home. The feelings of “it had been a nightmare” soon started to vanish, when the people realized it had not been a nightmare, it still continued, they were still living that nightmare, even if the sun was high in the sky; they could still feel there was an atmosphere of terror around them, something, someone was watching them.

“Your Eminence, perhaps it would be wise to speak to the queen, we can no longer hide from her what we know, besides the people of Denmark will not remain frightened like little lambs in their homes, sooner or later their thirst for vengeance will increase, you know what I speak is true.” There was fear in the voice of the young priest. He coming from one of the islands of the north of Copenhagen have seen in the last months how the people of the village where he used to live, tended to react when something came to break their peace. But of course this was not a village but a city, the capital of Denmark, the foundation of the monarchy, the place where generations of noble houses had been living in peace, the place the Danes had built to be proud for their knowledge in the universities, the place where advances in science in the last decades had been encouraged, and yet they could do little last night to prevent what happened to them.

Alone in the chapel of the cathedral was the Bishop of Copenhagen, a man in whom the queen had trusted since she rose to the throne; the man who had been her spiritual guide since she comeback from France so many years ago now. Outside in the nave of the cathedral, remained only women and children, and those nuns and priests that were trying to ease their souls reading passages from the Bible.

Before the altar, on his knees was the Bishop Nielsen listened to the priests words, the man whose last years had been on the service of the Holy Church of Rome and that of the Royal House remained in silence, holding between his hands an crucifix that the queen herself had given to him the day she had been crowned as the queen of Denmark.

“For being a man of faith, you have none of it..” Bishop Nielsen replied, standing up, turning around to face the young priest. “You little mouse, dare to come to this holy place, holding in your hand the crucifix as a sign of your faith, and yet you have found the courage to come and ask me to come to speak to the queen? How dare you?.

“Em... Eminence you must see, you must realize, that we no longer can keep this secret from her knowledge, already a lady knows, one of the guests of her majesty. She followed one of the brothers and he... took her down there to the catacombs, it is only a matter of time until this lady can speak to the queen's ear.

“Do you think the queen of Denmark shall listen to any one who is not part of her council right now? The city has been under attack! Open your eyes and see!, there's ashes everywhere, can't you hear the cries of the women, the men already blaspheming against God, and turning their eyes to the queen, now they ask, soon they will demand she does something to end this, and you want to the people turn and look at us as well? Shall I go outside and say, that we had been the keepers of the devil and that we failed?


“Is he well?” I asked to the physicians who had been attending Charles for the last hours. I heard from my advisers how he just rode into the forest to rescue me... to rescue all of us perhaps. I was deeply moved and so I came to sit by his side, taking his hand in mine. “You kept your promise” I whispered; my free hand coming to gently touch his cheek. “Yes my love, I still remember that day under that tree when you promised to be at my side, even in the battle field, and you kept your promise... and ended injured.” It broke my heart to watch him like this, but I knew well I could do nothing for him at the moment, except pray and perhaps be at his side; but I knew well this moments with him would be over soon. It seemed that I had just called the boy with my thoughts as a young page knocked on the door of the Duke's chamber only to announce that King Tarquin was waiting for me.

I nodded to him and turned to look at Charles once again, before I leaned over him to kiss him. “Promise you will take care of him” I said to the young man who had been at Charles' side since I arrived. I didn't know him, just remembered that in some moment the night before Charles had introduced him as his brother. I didn't have the time to stay and inquire deeper about this. Charles had always been so private about his family, and this was not the time to learn more about the subject. “What ever the Duke needs, just ask for it” I told to his brother, before I left his chambers to meet with the King of Norway.

As soon as I reached the wing of the castle where the king was, there was a change in the atmosphere, I could felt it. Soon I was surrounded by my guards who walked by my side with swords at hand. I couldn't blame them after the horrors we all have seen last night. One of the guards knocked twice, and soon the door was opened.

“Majesty...” the man said inviting me to come in, and so I did, leaving behind the door my escort; after all what happened I wouldn't insult the king with the presence of my guards. He was surrounded by people I was sure was part of his court, laying in bed, making an effort to present himself serene.

My eyes met his and in a way asking for forgiveness for what had happened last night. “I would like to have a word with his majesty in private” I said, waiting before all could leave me alone with him. “Your majesty, the king is not well and...”, “And I will tend to him, while I'm here, but I what have to say it is only for the king's ears, so please leave us” I said again this time with a firm tone in my voice.

Once I heard the door closing behind me, I came to sit at his side, taking a wet cloth to remove the dirt of his face. “ Is this another of your charming visages your majesty?” I asked, making a poor effort to smile to him. I made a pause and looked into his eyes. “Your sister was not found yet, but my men are looking for her as we speak, the docks had been closed, and the roads as well, there is no way Azyriella could be taken out of the country, she is one of my priorities” I said making a pause.

“But I have the feeling that you have an idea of what is going on here, these... things... these creatures, they surely didn't come to Denmark only to kidnap your sister, I need to know what did you saw, I need to know what I'm facing...”

Posted on Sat May 26, 2012, 17:04

Queen Amelia of Denmark


From King Tarquin:

Denmark – Royal Palace

Pain radiated through my side as I held my hand there, standing in some room I had been brought to as a servant hurriedly moved around me. I could barely stand, much less obey a request but when that request came to sit down so that the severity of my wounds could be seen I promptly did so as I flopped into the nearest chair close at hand while the servant or two, my vision was blurry and blood trickled into my eyes removed my jacket and began to pull up my shirt.

“I think you broken some ribs your majesty and this wound here? It is bleeding terribly.” The servant said – a man I think though I could not be sure – announced as they pressed on the area and I sucked in air through my teeth as I felt probing fingers within my hair as there came another sigh. “And a wound to the head as well, a nasty gash, deep but not too deep from the looks of it.” The man’s voice said coming through the fog of pain and confusion that gripped me. “You’re lucky to be alive majesty. There was talk of an attack upon you, a windmill?”

I laughed softly, weakly and the mere action caused my head to throb in pain and for my side to feel as if on fire. “Windmills, windmills…circling around and around…make your wishes gents for the fair lady to be found…”

“I don’t think he’s altogether there.” Came another voice nearby. “The gash to the head must be the reason I think.”

I shut my eyes as I felt a cool cloth brought to my side, felt the sting of pain that radiated forth as my hands came down and gripped the edges of the chair, hissing through my teeth as I screwed my eyes tightly shut. “Your majesty, this wound in the side, it’s quite deep, a piercing nearly.”

“It will heal…” I growled softly, some focus coming to my eyes as I drifted them downward, seeing the dark bruising that covered the area, the dark purple and sickly yellow as I realized I had lost quite a lot of blood, perhaps too much for I was feeling lightheaded. “My sister…where is my sister…” I hissed as I felt the sharp press of needle into flesh and the flowing sensation of thread through flesh soon after as the wound was being tended too, wondering if the servant even knew that once I had nourished myself on blood that the stitching would be for not? I said nothing, taking the pain, even that of glass of herbal drink to make the pain lessen itself.

“There, done the best I can but you should not move about for some days my majesty, if we are even allowed that reprieve from the horrors that are going on.” The servant rose up and placed a bowl of dark red water off to the side as I chuckled softly, the herbal drink must be some tonic meant to ease pain, to put upon the mind a fog of relief as I felt probing fingers on my scalp and once again the piercing of needle and flow of thread as I shut my eyes.

“His majesty! Where is his majesty King Tarquin!”

The outburst came sudden and quick, the one tending to my scalp wound actually pricking me with the needle as I shot my eyes open and winced in pain.

“He is being tended to! His wounds were severe! Who dares to summon his majesty of Norway when he is hardly fit to walk much less converse!” the voice of the one that had tended to my side wound demanded.

“It is her majesty, the queen, Amelia.” The young voice said. Must be a boy, not yet out of childhood but on the verge of becoming a young man for he had that squeaky tone that caressed each second word, rising it in pitch.

“The queen? Surely she must know that he was just brought here yes?” The servant said. “The king has received serious wounds in what befell him, he cannot be moved.”

“The queen I believe is unaware of the king’s injuries I’m afraid. She seeks him now.”

“Well…” the servant began.

“I will see the queen, bring her here.” I said rising slowly from the chair, the pain of my broken ribs radiating throughout my body. “Fetch me a fresh clean shirt. I will make myself presentable before I am to meet with the queen.” I said gripping the back of the chair, turning around to face the servant and the messenger boy who both stared at me. I could only imagine the sight that I presented to them; my long raven hair damp with sweat and blood, dirt smeared across my face and the shirt I still had on stained with blood. I must surely look the image of horror to their eyes but so much was going on here, so much going out of hand that order needed to be brought. “A shirt, please.” I requested as the servant nodded and then nodded to the messenger boy who hurried from the room to no doubt tell the queen of my whereabouts.

“You should rest your majesty, take to the bed. The queen will understand.” The servant said softly, making gestures to the other servant who slipped through another doorway and soon came back with a clean linen shirt. “At least let me wrap your side, to lessen the pain of the broken ribs.”

“Do what you must.” I said gripping the back of the chair, all but leaning against it. “There is no rest for the wicked.”


Oslo, Norway – Vesta Castle

Annie paced back and forth within her office, the connection she shared with Tarquin alerting her that something had gone terribly wrong that something was amiss in the lands of Denmark. She walked to the window again, staring out it for a second or was it third time and not sure why. Perhaps to give her something to do, something to take her mind off of the events that she sensed but did not know fully about. She let the curtain fall back into place over the window and turned from it, not sure what to be doing now, not sure what dare to do on behalf of the Vesta siblings for fear that it could be a wrong action and her state of mind was not in its correct place at the moment so gripped with worry and fear.

“Damn it, Tarquin. What is going on?” she whispered as there came the sound of shouting outside in the hallway, of requests made and ignored as she detected the thread of boot steps, heavy and firm out in the hallway. Only one person she knew carried themselves with such a gait and she heard one last protest from one of the guards before she heard a yelp of surprise and the sound of a body making contact with a wall or that of floor. “Oh dear…” she muttered to herself. Well, she wanted to take her mind off of events. This was surely the one way in which to do it as her office door was flung open and there stood Albert, his emerald eyes blazing with fury, his jaw firmly set as she met that gaze across the span of the room. “Albert.” She greeted as he stood there, his chest rising and falling, his nostrils flaring, hands clenched into fists.

“What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On.” He said in a clipped measured tone, trying his best to keep his anger under control. “Was this why I was sent to the Northern Provinces? On some fool’s errand!” he demanded, his hand outstretched toward the window to point in the direction of Denmark. “I sensed it Annie, sensed it the moment something happened and by God I want to know what the hell is going on! What has happened to Quinn!?” he demanded moving further into the room, his emerald colored eyes blazing with fury, with anger and hurt. “I was to leave this evening for Denmark and be there when the alliance treaties were signed! Now I feel…” he touched his chest, the area of his heart with his flat hand. “Something has happened to Quinn hasn’t it?” he demanded, his voice a low whisper, a growl caressing each breath.

“I…I don’t know but I feel that it has. I’ve tried the other methods of contact with him but I have been unable to make a connection at all Albert.”

“Have you actually tried to send someone there to Denmark?”

“Of course I have!” She shot back. “Don’t think me a fool when you are in this mood Albert. I have been doing my part to keep things together here.” She said knowing that Albert’s emotions tended to get the better of him, to override all else when it came to Tarquin. “There is something going on in Demark that is preventing even a mental contact with Tarquin, something that I fear is at the root of what reports have been trickling in from those that fled the shores of Denmark, reports that –”

“Then I shall be heading to Denmark, at once.” He said spinning around, not allowing her a chance to finish her statement.

She hurried after him but all she saw was his departing shadow vanishing around a corner in the hallway and guards quaking nearby.

Posted on Sat May 26, 2012, 17:02

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