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Adam Belmont Helsing (The Slayer)

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October 11th, 2019

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Gender: Male

Age: 36
Country: Germany

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May 06, 2012



05/19/2012 03:58 PM 

Rules too rp with me
Current mood:  animated

ONE: I do not just jump in the sack with anyone at least put ssome thought behind the story so it will be interesting and ill understand the reasoning of why our characters are in the sack bumping ugles.
TWO: No drama from real in rp is ok but don't be childish about it.
THREE: Adam says whats on his mind and doesn't care so don't take a fence if hes just telling it like it is. This in no way shape or form reflects how i think about you its just rp.
FOUR: I do rp para, muti-Para, Novella if im extremely interested and i dont reply too one liners be a bit creative its not hard use your mind and you'll do good.
FIVE: Im not talking about real life stuff so dont ask very few people know me on here and im keeping i that way.
SIX: Don't disrespect me if you do ill be the biggest dick in the world too you. Ill respect you as long as i get it in return.
SEVEN: I rp all kinds of verses so don't be scared ill rp with anyone. Danger, Thrills, Fighting ect.....
~Thats it short sweet and too the point~


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