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October 1st, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Married
Age: 114
Country: United States

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May 31, 2011



05/17/2012 06:43 PM 


Lord William J. Danvers II. [The Dark Knight /Warlock Legend.] Gotham/Ipswich.

Tell us Master Danvers, what do you fear?Semioccasional sophisticated whispering suspenseful taunts were audio within Lord William's enclosed cranium's occasional abrupt reminiscene amongst yee several decades ago; with distributed distraught haunting flapping bats stirring an eerie collashed echo pertaining to thee particular underground stone tunnel. In the social current situation carried upon a prior Tribune Enterprise Global Ball; revived during a conversation with an unknown individual whom appeared more then over'thee top familiar. Lord William indeed is ambitious enough in ordering a prevention against further involvement this Dr. Harvelle, his superior masculine enhanced warlock instincts reminded the devious foul odor hathe spoke louder then thee undercover physical appearance. Thee World is too small, for someone like Lord William Danvers to disappear; so Harvelle rebuttled when asking he how he knew his name. A distinguished steel coal [black] ominious mysterious occult Batmobile, thirsts an adventurious driving movement throughout the suttle back`roads sheltered darkness. Batmobil is reinstates and maintained within thee copious assignation methodological, undiscoverable batcave rooted underneath earth soil level thus undetectable and/or known to mankind.Indeed is accessed through a alchemistic hidden entrance thee venturesome [daredevil] inhabitant charcoal Batmobile is a gadget-laden vehicle used in Lord William's [DarkKnight/Batman] alias crime-battle vigilent activities.

It obtains significant equipped induced adaptable and addicted features, hence increases prominent bat motif; typically includes a distinct wing`shaped tailfins: modifications are armor and technologically advanced automotive customization; therefore transitioned the Batmobile into a sleek street machine. The substantial notorious Batmobile hathe developed through numerous incarnations, and as state-of-the-art technologies had continued to advanced the vehicle's exterior and interior vessel inter-changes inorder to remain a step ahead of real life cutting edge advances. A duntless impetuous prespiration loam escapes throughout resilient audacious Ipswich Massachusetts trademark tenacious Hallow valiant arched trees, converting into abandoned Brooklyn-Gotham NY back'roads in about ten minutes prox. reach of Tribune Enterprises main Corporate Head Quarters. Within a venturesome one o'clock a.m. submgerged limited hour: a crescent Moon's northern-eastern cerebration [reflection] rest an abundant amidstream.

Persistance nocturnal whispers amongst an ascended far distanting traffic disputed the usual various city noises. Astrological occasional commute breezes we're a torrent of proclaimed darkness among the gusty serene arcane trees; moon spheres unreluctant apparition galleon scourages an iridescence invite shadow through dark saturated under tint hooded Batmobile windows.Intrepid 390 V-8 atomic turbine engine accepted a challenge whilst it unleashed hyrdo adrenaline thrilled healthy smog distributed returned into the rear of the abandoned road during a spontaneous driven departure initiated. Lord William controlled the robust black leather steering wheel to an abrupt yield up into a private garage; whilst B&M hydro automatic [2nd transmission] erect a gust of winded fire belched under the cylinder underneath the enhanced two second speeding movement, the batmobile deceased at a parking mode.Enarmored Ipswich Massachusetts, accommodates within thee public a common calculated commute beside New York. Each co-exist amongst an identical coinciding parallel connect between thee inner cities. Gotham on an rare occasion indeed, humans delivered a social sincere appreciation for those whom protect within thee night and/or mid-afternoon hours; where the sun still exists {day}.

A reminded treacherous incident flamed within the core of his cranium: as a young William decided on an adventure this isn't new news a distinct thirst to explore is a common trait in the Danvers amongst others. Once he hathe fell down a well leading into an underground stone wall tunnel: he becamed attacked in a swarm of bats. It's an counted two hours later after eliminating himself out of the enclosed restricted Parking Garage; limited to normal pedestrians for Lord William conducts experimental favors pertaining to certain gadgets used however unavailable in civilian markets. William resumed acknowledge of the real world {awakened} out of a tasteful nightmare of his persistant past; en which must be taken as an important task, a sign if you will: for immediate unleashed dangers leading ahead [more or less predictions].Approached by Henri Ducard [Putnam cloaked in another vessel] whom spoke for Ra's al Ghul, leader of the League of Shadows and sent an invitation to train with thee elite vigilante group. Lord William's clouded childhood initiated to thee one night he whom witnessed a certain murder[ his own parents' ]; a mugger acclaimed to be Joe Chill employed undercover of the City's Governor; whom was indeed an ancestor of thee notorious Witch Trial Judge 'Hawthorne'--then, this is when en where Sir. Alfred Pennyworth brought the fostered child William, raised him in the Danvers Estate: William grew educated in his Bloodline through learns, self-preservation; cold acknowledges in two worlds darkness and innocence. Based in thee miscellaneous activities in New York, Gotham...and Ipswich Massachusetts is expected to locate Tribune Enterprises [DanversCorp].

Business was founded and originated in the 17th century however became officially a company in the 19th century under Master Thomas William Danvers. It's development became one of the world's top ten multinational conglomerates, present Tribune continues to achieve excellence across a wide range of industry sectors and markets; employing 170.000 people in 170 countries. As current CEO and Chairman, Lord William T. Danvers II is a keen modernizer and continues to grow the business in the financial sector and in hight, technologies. There is numerous to go on about here, none-the-less besides a substantial business it is the supernatural appeal certain products are used for Batman's, Lord William's, or should any one in the Danvers family decides to has first hand's access. Sophisticated automatic double elevator doors slide open on the tenth level. Mr. Alex is the TE Electronics Division manager, whoms relations to thee Danvers has been years; put it this way he's known Sir John William Danvers, the first and his beloved wife [both Lord William's deceased parents] so he's been apart of our world for centuries, he approached Master Danvers as he communicates with him in calling him rather then Lord however it is William that Lord William recommends he call him, they are family just about after'all; "Tumbler? Another latest discovery Mr. Alex?" Lord William implied within an impressed'mused tone in his dark full spoken voice; spues an eased chuckle also. Lord William accepted thee folder handed over, revealing a diagram image in the jagged center a card slid through the crease. Black suspicious card flip it over it prevails P on one side, on the other is J. Putnam created himself as the Joker; a suggestion Lord William advised Mr. Alex to depart his office's quarters.....


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