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May 30, 2011



06/19/2011 10: PM 

Real is better than fiction for those who wish to know.

Let there be no misunderstanding before you ask me first and foremost I'll clear up a few misconceptions with you all first and foremost.

I was not Sephiroth on Myspace or Sitemodel only

This Sephiroth is exclusive to you will not find me being him anywhere else.

Sephiroth was chosen here particularly because I could not get my old URL so your in luck.

I love Final Fantasy to death so it was a easy translation between the series.

Now enough with the small talk one last thing before I show you the RL me the real is better than fiction but it should not be the reason you add more nor should it be the reason you chose to roleplay with me I was not that sephiroth from x site or x realm im new to this role which means your rp'ing with a fresh slate character not your sugar daddy from any other site and now that you know without further ado.

Yes Im a black guy that roleplays Suprise Suprise we exist its just few and far in between and now the basics just so you know plain and simple.

I collect swords.

Im single.

Im Tall as fuck

And I collect Asian Antiques.

P.S: I'm famous I was on this tv show back in the day

dont ask it was a small stint to get the fuck away from the roleplay realm and what was bogging down my life regarding it it was a fools gamble that paied off now im here trying to enjoy RP as a different character from the norm yeah yeah yadda yadda yadda and here we are now.

If you need a name sake you can call me Terrence Seph Sephy whatever your little heart desires if your a dude call me Teddy and I'll drop kick you. But yeah ^^ hopefully that will explain the whole omg video games in between roleplay im a gamer its what I do deal with it.

P.S: I take the Sephiroth role seriously so you wont see me fucking around when it comes to him like many others have.


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ѕєσυℓ'ѕ вα∂∂єѕт


Sorry for not commenting when I first saw this. You look handsome ^^ Black power! Heh JK but you amazing in your RL pics ;3

Posted on Wed Jul 27, 2011, 14:07



Yeah your like the only roleplayer ive met in person.

Posted on Sun Jun 19, 2011, 23:06

❝Sepнιroтн❞ replied to Comment:

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