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™Shane McMahon.

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August 23rd, 2018

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Gender: Male

Age: 49
Country: United States

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June 12, 2011



06/18/2011 11: PM 


1) I am not the Real Shane McMahon/Ted DiBiase Jr./Randy Orton/Steve Burton/Vince McMahonnor  do I claim to be them.

2) NO DRAMA! You cause drama, you're automatically deleted.

3) My pics are private. If you want to see them, send an invite.

4) I rp Para/Multi-Para/One-Liners. I'm not too picky on how people reply.

5) Very Important! I've got alot of profiles, so replies will be slow. However I always reply. So if you can't handle that or you're going to bitch at me for being slow, then you're deleted.

6) If you need a Dad, I'll be your Dad. If you have a set storyline and my replies aren't cutting it for you, please let me know instead of me finding out the hard way.

7) I am not here to be another Jason/Shane/Ted/RKO/Vince on people's lists! I can't stand that! People might be obsessed with them, however that doesn't mean you have to add every single person who rp's them! So, if ur gonna add me for the purpose of being another Jase/Shane/Ted/RKO/VKM on ur list... Say hello to the delete button.

8) Also, I rp Jason as he normally is on the show. Except, I'm going to have Jake alive.

9) Regarding pictures. Yes, they're private. For those I give access to, if you see a picture you like Please ASK me if you can use it. I work my ass off to find rares, and I really don't like when I see someone else using it.

10) If I'm doing a storyline with someone, please do not butt in. If you want to be a part of it, ask me and I'll tell you what's going down and whether or not I'll let you into the storyline. Because having random people join in, fucks it up horribly.

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Mekhai Phoenix© luvs mommies * 1 *


I shall follow your rules.

Posted on Sun Jun 15, 2014, 23:19

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