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06/05/2011 07: PM 


Disclaimer first off - I am not Bonnie Wright, nor do I claim to be her.

1. Right off the bat, do not bring me OOC drama. I have had too many experiences with that. Role-play is not for OOC drama. It is about writing and being creative and even making some pretty great friends. I am all for in character drama, I love it, but OOC is a no no. Please don't come to me bringing me "He said she said" stuff. It will be ignored and if need be you'll be deleted.

2. On that same note, I don't blacklist people nor do I partake in it. I think it's childish. If you're having issues with someone, then hit the delete and block button. That's why they are there.

3. Now onto the love interest. I have one to whom I am loyal to. Therefore I will not have sexual relations with another male/female.  No flirting or anything of the sort. IE do not send me messages asking for sexual things and such. I find it annoying and disturbing. If you can't plainly see, I adore the person I am with!

4. My mains, I have them. That does not mean I will not role-play with other Hermione's, Harrys, Luna's ect.... I don't believe in shutting my character off to role-playing with other characters like that. My mains will come first though with messages and replies. The only character this does not apply to is Harry's. Due to the fact that I have a Harry as my love interest. Carrying out a role-play with another Harry [relationship wise] is something I cannot do. Having other Harry's as friends? Of course. - you get what I mean :]

3. That brings me to canon. Yes my Ginny is mostly canon, although I do make allowances here and there.  I love story-lines with twists and turns. Heck we need that or things would get rather boring. So I am all for anything fun and interesting, even if it's not canon. Now, second generations role-players I have difficulty coming up with story-lines with. That's not to say we can't. If we can come up with something interesting and fun then I am all for that.

4. Literacy, it's a good thing. We all make mistakes, I know I can from time to time. I'm not exactly anal on this subject. Just as long as you're trying that's all one can ask for.

5. Multi-Para and Novella is how I roll, but this is not a set rule for others. I prefer it of course. I love to write, but I also goof around in comments with people for fun as well. My outlook is this, I prefer quality over quantity. If you are role-playing with me I will not have a set length that you HAVE to do. I'm not that kind of person.

6. "You add, you start" This rule doesn't apply. I  have no issues with starting even if you added me.

7. Life can be hectic, we all have lives away from the magical world of role-play. Therefore my replies may be slow. I do apologize for that. I hope you all will be understanding of this as I will always understand it with you. I will do my best to get replies done in a timely fashion. I will never hound anyone for a reply. You can take as long as you need. That is one thing that will never bother me.

8. Don't steal. It's not very nice. If you want something, simply ask. I would be more than happy to give it to you or help you with anything.

Those are the rules such as they are :]
If you took the time to read them I thank you!


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the нonєst --


Read and understood.
If you'd like to discuss a storyline, owl me.
I've also got rules, mind looking at them?

- HG.

Posted on Sun Nov 06, 2011, 12:11

H.Potter. ϟ


-breaks all your rules and then snogs the hell out of you- >:D 

Posted on Fri Jul 22, 2011, 03:07

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