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RolePlay results for "Anime"

Princess Mimi Aiyoku

Female, 23
, Hawaii
United States

Last Login: April 14, 2019

Characters: Mimi Ashley Kurosaki, Juliet Danielle Kurosaki
Lengths: One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Anime, Cartoon, Heroes/Villains, Romance,


Female, 33
Savannah, Georgia
United States

Last Login: April 02, 2019

Characters: yuki, yumi, aki, Hinako, etc
Verses: Yuri, and occasionally incest (sis x sis mostly)
Lengths: One Liner,Semi
Genre: Anime,

Kyoko Sakura

Female, 29
, Tennessee
United States

Last Login: April 18, 2019

Characters: ,
Lengths: One Liner,Para
Genre: Anime,


my wife and mate is Ayame, I love her with all my heart, aswell as our daughters, I will do anything for them, nomatter the cost!

Female, 114
Morciano di Romagna, Emilia-Romagna

Last Login: March 27, 2019

Characters: Oracle
Lengths: One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Any, Action, Anime, Cartoon, Comic, Furry,

Jayde McBride(18+ Rp)

Female, 26
Houston, Texas
United States

Last Login: November 22, 2018

Characters: Jayde McBride
Lengths: Para,Semi
Genre: Anime, Crossover, Open, Romance,

May Parker

Oh, man! You are so lucky you used the w-word instead of the b-word! Because the b-word makes me real angry -- and this is me only mildly cheesed off!

Female, 29
New York, New York
United States

Last Login: April 05, 2019

Characters: May "Mayday" Parker, Spider-Girl
Verses: Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, Marvel, DC, Ultimate.MC2
Lengths: Multi Para,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Anime, Cartoon, Comic, Crossover, Television, Video Game,


I bow to no one. Wolf Guild

Male, 26
Forest, Transylvania
United States

Last Login: April 19, 2019

Characters: Leonidas, Wolf
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Action, Anime, Crossover, Horror, Mafia, Real Life,

Mad Hatter

Male, 33
Rome, Lazio

Last Login: April 08, 2019

Characters: Mad Hatter , Kurai , Arachne , Boyz , Noyz , Rosiel , Katan , Kato , Riro . Sai . S
Verses: Angel Sanctuary , Vampire . Death note . anime , open
Playbys: Mad Hatter , Sai , S
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Gore, Horror, Supernatural,

Andrew Nolan (Ferro Lad - LoSH)

I am the man of iron. Who wants to test my metal?

Male, 53
Bloomsbury, Grays Inn, London
United Kingdom

Last Login: March 31, 2019

Characters: Andrew Nolan
Verses: Legion of Superheroes, DC
Lengths: One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Anime, Comic,

Sasuke Uchiha

My name is Sasuke Uchiha

Male, 19
United States

Last Login: April 19, 2019

Characters: Sasuke Uchiha
Verses: Naruto
Lengths: One Liner,Semi
Genre: Anime, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Romance,

Dark 9 Tails Jinchuriki Ninja

Eh, Add me or not but I must warn you, I'm not an expert at rp really i'm here to have good time. thats all

Male, 29

Last Login: September 19, 2018

Characters: Menma Uzumaki
Verses: Naruto Shippuden
Lengths: One Liner,Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural,

Bane Multi Roleplayer

Female, 26
Liverpool, Merseyside
United Kingdom

Last Login: June 05, 2018

Verses: Movies, games, shows
Lengths: Multi Para,One Liner,Para
Genre: Any, Anime, Comic, Custom, Romance, Undead,

Mongul's Hell Hound

Female, 31
Pocatello, Idaho
United States

Last Login: November 25, 2018

Lengths: Para,Semi
Genre: Anime, Comic, Crossover, Open, Romance,

[CLOSED] The Labymirth of Dress-Up

Puella Magi Madoka Magica x Umineko no Naku Koro Ni[Para-Novella, R-18+]

Female, 30
Somewhere where Ange lives!, California
United States

Last Login: February 26, 2019

Characters: Jessica Ushiromiya, Mami Tomoe,
Verses: crossover, alternative universe, Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi
Genre: Any, Anime, Crossover, Custom, Fantasy, Psychological,

The Perfect Team❤(Lesbians)

Female, 27
San Francisco, California
United States

Last Login: November 24, 2018

Characters: Original
Verses: Supernatural/Slice of Life
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Casual, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural,

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