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Jessica's Allies  (6  photos)
A good number of these "allies" were residents from Carnal Kingdom, and had zero aliment with the establishment, or Jessica's dominance.
Candeloro's Dolls: The Jointed Branch  (2  photos)
The most common race when it comes to the "living" population at Candeloro's barrier. Their goal is to love their master, and Candeloro loves them back. Eternal friendship. The head of the "Jointed Branch" is Dunya "Danya" Mustashim.
Candeloro's Dolls: The Marionette Branch  (1  photos)
The lowest of all "doll class", these dolls were modeled after wooden painted puppets and can only be controlled by strings at Pinocchio's Stage. Their duty is to entertain the middle-class dolls and Candeloro (and Jessica) herself with their theater plays as puppets. The head of the Marionette Branch is Kiyotaka Ishimaru.
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To keep in mind before you can ask any questions for RPing (or even sending a starter):

1. I accept para/multi-para format. Try your best to make an effort as if you are a light novel author! NO ONE-LINERS! It ticks my pride that took effort to describe every moment of event!
2. Feel free to use your icons or emotes for your RPs! But please nothing over 200x200 in pixel length!
3. PLEASE tell me about your RP plans in advance! If it's a "canon" character I know, then you do not need to say a lot, since I can adjust the storyline to fit your character!
4. RPs are open in either on Messages or Comments! Use "ooc" or some sort of indicator that you are not writing RP content! If I have added you or you added me, comments are going to be in-character counting as RPing!!! (Unless I am like exhausted to write in-character and go ooc instead...)
5. As I add you for a reason (if you are a character or verse I knew), I can adjust the "verse" of where my character is from to fit yours in. The requirement is that it must be an anime, manga, or any sort of literate/animated that I know from present to the past. And really, I'll do my best to re-image my muse into that universe outside present-day "Japan" as long I can remember... If you want for my character to fit in your universe, you need to contact me first during our "RP discussion"! Take it with a grain of salt that not all ideas will work either due to the show I have not seen (no I don't watch most "mainstream" shows) or that it was near impossible to fit the characters in without ruining their personalities.
6. I have life too. So if I don't respond, then you can tell that I am "busy" of sorts, OR that I am on the "chill pill" break from the RP-land! I also have Tumblr RP as well...
7. More rules will be added depending on a conflict I encounter during an RP.

Follow them well and we can be happy campers, okay?

Dolly Victims

???: Fill info here.

Technical Information

This is a multi-character blog, but the spotlight focuses on Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Jessica Ushiromiya from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, taking place on a alternative timeline (and universe) where no canon plot from both shows take place! Take it with a grain of salt that the profiles are close to portraying the canon character traits and personality, but everything else was based on headcanons, especially on Candeloro's background. Information about human-dolls and Jessica as a demon were all made up facts by me and no where close to the canon story!

Due to the extensive information and headcanons being written on the blog, it is my strong recommendation that you should push your imagination to at least the multi-paragraph length. The minimal requirement to RP on my page is at a paragraph length. I do not accept one-liners unless it's a in-character conversation at the comments function! (But that does not count towards a real role-play here.) Think I am picky? Leave me be so I don't have to stress out over a minor bug between you and me!

If your character was from another world or a timeline where cities such as Mitakihara are not civilized... or if it's a universe outside of Earth, I can adjust the character background (and altering some) to fit your world as long your details of the world draws into me that I can use that information to build the alternative Mami and Jessica roles. So don't push yourself if you want your character to fit in with Mitakihara or anywhere on modern-fantasy Japan. ^^;


This layout was made by Shane at DoubleDead Premades. Aurora edited the color scheme and links slightly. Do not remove the credit! Doubledead Premades


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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

The Witch of


The Witch and her Doll

Mami and Jessica

IMPORTANT! Check out the Rules page before you can ask me about RPing!

[The Dress-Up Witch]

Name: Mami Tomoe
Nicks: Candeloro
Age: About 16 years old
Race: Mahou Shoujo
Class: Heroine (The Dress-Up Witch)
Occupation: Student
Residence: Mitakihara (Japan), Candeloro’s Witch Barrier
Weapons/Skills: Arm-ribbons, muskets, Familiars, and turning victims into living dolls

Bio: The main girl of the story. A long time ago, she was once a young girl who had made a contract with Kyubey to "live on" after a car accident, loosing her family on the process. Living alone with no magical girls that wanted to be her friend. After loosing to a young Kyouko Sakura after an incident that had lost her family too, Mami had suicide messages on her mind and was about to end her life. On her grave at a Witch's barrier, a young girl with bat wings named "Jessica" performed a demon contract that will make Mami "useful" for the next few years.

On her first day of school on her 16th birth year, she had re-met the girl that ended up being her adopted sister and foreigner, "Jessica Tomoe", which later turned out to be a magical girl of her unique status. With Mami's contract, she had awaken her "true self" and overcome her loneliness as her own devil's magic will reunite her lost friends while cover-up as the "magical girl of justice". Her apartment had re-modeled itself with the magic from her Witch's Barrier.

[The Demon with the Contract]

Name: Jessica "Tomoe" (Formerally an Ushiromiya)
Nicks: None.
Age: About 16 years old
Race: Succubus (previously human)
Class: Contracted Demon, magical girl
Occupation: Student
Residence: Mitakihara (Japan), Candeloro's Witch Barrier
Weapons/Skills: Golden Eagle Axe, flexible wings for second arms, Witch’s magic (manipulation specialty), and dark succubus powers depend on the amount of “fuel” from the male victims

Bio: Jessica was a human girl before, but her own family (and herself) was murdered by a mysterious culprit at age 8. Not caring at any religion or consequences, she wanted to "live on" like Mami's wish and had been picked up by the demon lord of hell. In order for her life spam to increase and making sure that her powers are in good use, the young pre-succubus had picked up the lonely blonde, Mami Tomoe into a "Soul Connection" contract and became her partner and sister on present-day Mitakihara.

When Jessica was first transferred into Mitakihara High, their lives began to change when Mami engulfed enough emotional mana and turning her into Candeloro, the "true side" of her Soul Gem and her feelings. As both magical girls, the two hunt down Witches, as well Mami adjusted her new life and seeks out for friends that will fall into her own barrier.


The Back of the Book.

Once upon a time, Mami Tomoe once had a happy and healthy family at the age of 9, and she felt like the princess of the entire world. On a fatal car accident, she was close to near-death on the burn until a white fairy cat leaped to the entryway of the open window, awaiting Mami's wish to happen. "S-Save me..." was her offer in the bargain. The fairy saved her life by her wish and grant her a golden stone (that shaped like an egg) known as a Soul Gem. Mami had became a magical girl.

Somewhere at the same year, Jessica Ushiromiya's family had invited a stranger to the house after being stranded by a storm. Her parents was not aware that the man was mentally unstable and therefore cause a murder masquerade, killing Jessica, her family, and everyone who works under her family's name. Her soul was transferred to the world of Hell and granted her second chance of life as a intern succubus.

When Mami was at age 11, she was about to die again due to a error in her battle against the Deserts Witch, Charlotte. She had been fighting alone for three years, and she regretted her wish of becoming a magical girl when she could have use it to save her parents. Mami was about to be eaten by the Witch alive, but a naked succubus enter via a dimensional rift and kicked the beat out of the side. The succubus, Jessica encourages Mami to continue on with her life. She offered Mami a "better life" by forming a Soul Connection contract to bound their souls as one. Mami was set free from the barrier and Jessica had killed the Witch for her and gave the magical girl her Grief Seed and a huge change of her life...

Mami was reunited with Jessica (at age 15) when the blonde tomboy enrolls at Mitakihara Middle School as a transfer student and declaring that she is Mami's adopted sister. On the same day, Mami's Soul Gem had transformed into a special kind of Gem, mixing both "hopes" and "despairs" inside her stone's bubbly insides. The alteration of her gem causes her body and mind to turn into a magically-advanced magical girl, Candeloro, the Half-Witch of Dress-Up. Mami's desire to "not be alone" was enforced and taking advantage of her new abilities to "save" troubled girls by kidnapping them and becoming her living dolly friends.

To view an extensive information, please check out the blog for role play headcanons!

Guests of the Barrier






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Aug 7th 2014 11:52

Hm... I'd think option 2, the invitation, might be a bit more likely, as say... His mistress believes he needs a bit of conditioning/training, and thus he is forced to accept and is shipped off for however long. Obviously a little apprehensive about the whole thing, but goes through with it anyway.

Aug 6th 2014 12:47

Excellent, I suppose that leaves us with one big question; Where do we begin? More than interested in beginning something with someone such as yourself.

Aug 5th 2014 16:58

Well as far as Aki goes, he lacks the will to stand up for himself in most cases, submitting to almost everyone who takes command, he will try to resist but eventually give in. Except in certain scenarios where one would be subject to pain or torture, either to himself or another which is when he stands up and fights back, no holds barred. However he craves a more... personal dom/sub relationship wherever he can get it. Though, won't stop him from falling into the more... object role, or as you'd say, doll. To be merely another toy to be played with by the superior hand. *shrug*

Aug 1st 2014 13:54

Yeah I never used myspace in my life, skipped right over that, was back when I didn't know what an internet was but that quickly passed... Back when I didn't see things that I could never unsee... but anyway. Pinochhio school eh... I'll make a note of that heh, Aki does prefer being... well alive after all. So avoiding that, a bit of playtime might be enjoyable, neh?

Jul 31st 2014 10:46

Well uh, not entirely sure how to use this blasted system yet but it was no trouble~ And yes, LDM and I are friends so I ended up getting my sketch for free, heh. Heck, I'm even picking up a few tricks from him for my own art, nowhere near as good yet buuuut... few years, who knows.

As for dolls... Definitely something I can get behind, one of my tops actually, amongst other things...
coughsissificationpetplayhumiliationcoughtgandtftoocough. One hell of a cough, damn. Anywho, yes I believe we might get along just fine~ ;)
The Protagonists-Tabitha

Jun 9th 2014 17:06

Everyone is going to aniroleplay. @~@
The Protagonists-Tabitha

Jun 8th 2014 23:15

OOC: I just think that her and I have two different definition of love. She says she loves Madoka, and I understand that she is mentally unstable and that might be part of the reason she did what she did, but I don't agree with it. Nor can I call what she feels for Madoka love. I think she sees Madoka a piece of her property almost...but maybe I'm just really to simple to get it. I am a pretty simple person. I have trouble seeing the grey between black and white... xD
The Protagonists-Tabitha

Jun 4th 2014 02:34

I dislike her even more after watching the movie. o-o Her one redeeming quality was that she seemed to care about Madoka. But I did not see that final act as an act of love. I saw it as an act of barbarism. She doesn't love Madoka, if she did then she would have been happy that she finally got to be with her at the end. Nope, instead she ripped Madoka in half and is now keeping her hostage in a new universe as her little pet. Along with everyone else. ._. I did like the scene where Mami totally put Homura in her place. >=D Was just like, "Yeah, you have a better magical power but I'm pretty much better than you anyway...Lolz" xD And Bebe was adorable... xD Tell me, is the reason she bit Mami's head off because while in her anarchy driven insane witch state she thought that Mami was cheese? xD Please tell me I'm wrong... n_n'''
The Protagonists-Tabitha

Jun 2nd 2014 02:43

OOC: Hmmm...I guess hate was too strong of a word. I just...didn't care for Homura? n_n' I liked Mami, and the little red headed girl. Oh, and I liked Kyuubi! He's straight up gangsta!
The Protagonists-Tabitha

May 30th 2014 02:15

Oh, and I hope you feel better soon! xD

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