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Female, 26
Kamogata, Okayama

Last Login: July 10, 2019

Characters: Rangiku Matsumoto
Verses: Bleach
Lengths: Multi Para
Genre: Action, Anime, Drama, Television,


Closing my eyes don't help. Fire burns brighter in the darkness. AFTERSHOCK. [EST. 12/13]

Female, 28
, Washington
United States

Last Login: June 25, 2018

Damon Salvatore|Egotistical Asshole

Humanity Switch off. Literate Multipara Canon Vampire Diaries rper. Looking for a canon Stefan to write with as well.

Female, 114
Falls Mills, Virginia
United States

Last Login: August 22, 2019

Characters: Damon Salvatore
Verses: The Vampire Diaries
Playbys: Ian Somerhalder
Lengths: Multi Para
Genre: Drama, Gore, Horror, Supernatural,

Red Riding Hood

What BIG TEETH you have.

Female, 27

Last Login: July 02, 2018

Characters: (Little) Red Riding Hood
Verses: HAPPILY EVER AFTER can kiss my ass!
Playbys: Yours Truly
Lengths: Multi Para,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural,


Female, 20
Bald Knob, Arkansas
United States

Last Login: October 29, 2018

Medic Jasmine Mercy Savan

Original roleplayer from myspace 2005

Female, 28
United Kingdom

Last Login: August 15, 2019

Characters: Jasmine Savan
Verses: Star wars Rebels, star wars
Playbys: Angela Ziegler
Lengths: Multi Para,One Liner,Para,Semi
Genre: Fantasy, Gore, Romance,



Female, 36
Monroe, Louisiana
United States

Last Login: July 06, 2019


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Female, 26
Aurora, Colorado
United States

Last Login: July 27, 2019

Characters: Jacqueline A. Brimstone
Verses: Shadowhunters Chronicles: The Paris Institute. [Books only]. Biblical : [Nephilim]
Playbys: Nina Dobrev.
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella

Snow White Mary Margaret Blanchard

Female, 39
Beverly Hills, California
United States

Last Login: January 29, 2019


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Female, 29
Austin, Texas
United States

Last Login: June 17, 2019

nιcoleттe de lυca

Female, 31
New York, New York
United States

Last Login: May 07, 2016


Female, 23
San Francisco, California
United States

Last Login: July 21, 2019

Characters: X-23/Laura Kinney
Verses: Marvel
Lengths: Novella
Genre: Action, Comic, Crossover, Drama, Gore, Psychological,

Infamous Lady Crossheart

OC Verse|Parental Advisory| T-1 Style| Original Lady Crossheart since Myspace 2002 "What a surprise... here I was, looking for you, and lo and behold, you come to me. I roared and I rampaged and I got bloody satisfaction"

Female, 36
Crossheart Cry, Quebec

Last Login: August 20, 2019

Characters: ELDWKDG Lady Crossheart
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Spar/Fighting, Supernatural, Video Game,

wнιтe ғlower


Female, 28
Storybrooke, Maine
United States

Last Login: August 25, 2019

Characters: Princess Jasmine
Verses: Once Upon A Time
Playbys: Karen David & Naomi Scott
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella


DEMON & PRE-DEMON STORYLINESORG. Crossfire/RetrogradeStrictly novelist writer.

Female, 28
Atlanta, Louisiana
United States

Last Login: June 18, 2019


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