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Female, 38
Los Angeles, California
United States

Last Login: February 01, 2020

Characters: Natalie
Verses: Hollywood,actress ,movies
Lengths: Multi Para,Para,Semi


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Male, 35
Los Angeles, California
United States

Last Login: August 19, 2019

Characters: Spike, William the Bloody, William Pratt
Verses: ATS|BTVS, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, x-overs
Playbys: James Marsters
Lengths: Multi Para


Female, 27
, New York
United States

Last Login: October 19, 2019

Characters: rowan penelope taylor-eversmann
Verses: new york, fashion, fame, blogger, socialite, military
Playbys: kc
Lengths: Novella

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓗𝓮𝓲𝓻


Male, 32
Alnwick, Northumberland
United Kingdom

Last Login: May 11, 2019

Characters: Rodolphus Lestrange
Verses: Harry Potter - Marauder
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella


Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow? With silver bells and c*ckleshells? And pretty maids all in a row?

Male, 67
Muinebeag, Carlow

Last Login: October 10, 2018

Characters: Mulciber
Verses: Harry Potter
Playbys: That Gotham Joker Wannabe Guy


Male, 30
Macon, Georgia
United States

Last Login: January 29, 2019

Characters: Martin.
Verses: The Walking Dead.
Playbys: Chris Coy.
Lengths: Novella

Chemical King


Male, 29
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

Last Login: March 30, 2020


Even when you feel so lost Spinning when the tears They fall, you gotta just let it go [OPEN]#a

Female, 29
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Last Login: March 25, 2020


Female, 25
Baltimore, Maryland
United States

Last Login: March 28, 2020

Characters: Kenzi
Verses: Lost Girl
Playbys: Ksenia Solo
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Fantasy, Human, Medical, Science Fiction, Supernatural,



Male, 50
Salem, Massachusetts
United States

Last Login: July 08, 2019


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Female, 26
Forks, Washington
United States

Last Login: July 17, 2019

Characters: colette helena marinos.
Verses: twilight, supernatural.
Playbys: lily james.
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella
Genre: Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural, Suspense,

Big Guy''Carl Otis Winslow.

Family Matters Sitcom Comedy 80s 90s And now ,Mature content 21+And older very selective on who i add And No drama Allowed.Go home, Steve. : Go home. Go home. Go home.

Male, 55
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Last Login: March 20, 2020

Characters: Big Guy''Carl Otis Winslow,
Verses: family Matters 80s 90s And now
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Celebrity, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Hollywood, Television,


Female, 34
Dundee, Tayside
United Kingdom

Last Login: March 08, 2020


Male, 30
Chicago, Illinois
United Kingdom

Last Login: March 23, 2020

Characters: Chris Hemsworth
Verses: Hollywood, Actor,movies etc
Playbys: Chris Hemsworth
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para,Semi



Male, 42
Tallahassee, Florida
United States

Last Login: January 14, 2020

Characters: Neal "Baelfire" Cassidy
Verses: Once Upon A Time, OUAT, Storybrooke, Disney
Playbys: Michael Raymond-James
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella

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