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Male, 27
Columbus, 36
United States

Last Login: September 27, 2019


Male, 27
Fremont, California
United States

Last Login: October 17, 2019

Characters: Sytarius Sordana, Darth Malkere
Verses: Star Wars, Star Wars: Ashes and Dust, CSWRP, Armada, Crossovers
Playbys: Chris Hemsworth


Male, 114
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa

Last Login: September 04, 2019

Characters: Kr0w the Nyghtmare
Verses: Gore, Horror, Supernatural
Playbys: Jason Statham
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para
Genre: Ancient, Crossover, Gore, Horror, Psychological, Undead,

The ℜogue

Male, 114
Stege, Storstrøm

Last Login: October 19, 2019

Srgt. Logan E.Bartlet |E♥Jessi|

U.S. Marine Sergeant

Male, 37
Washington, Pennsylvania
United States

Last Login: September 12, 2019


"They say your life flashes in front of your eyes before you die. Any helpful flashes yet" Dragon Age Roleplayer. [Roleplay preferences: Anything not in modern times. Crossovers are welcomed.]

Male, 27
White Plains, New York
United States

Last Login: July 28, 2019

Valhalla~ ζ◊ค

Male, 42
, Valhalla
São Tomé and Príncipe

Last Login: October 10, 2019

Loki~ God of Mischief™'


Male, 100
Asgard, Asgard

Last Login: October 16, 2019

Characters: Loki God of Mischief
Verses: Asgard, Avengers, Marvel.
Playbys: "Tut ... of course!"
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella,Para


Male, 111
Mirkwood Middle-Earth, Western Australia

Last Login: October 20, 2019

Characters: Legolas Greenleaf
Verses: Lord of the rings/ middle earth/ Tolkien/ the Hobbit
Lengths: Multi Para,Novella
Genre: Action, Ancient, Crossover, Fantasy, Movie, Spar/Fighting,


Male, 30
United Kingdom

Last Login: October 18, 2019

Broadway Star*Ryan Evans

Male, 30
Los Angeles, California
United States

Last Login: October 17, 2019


Male, 49
Olympia, Washington
United States

Last Login: September 30, 2019


Male, 24
Los Angeles, California
United States

Last Login: October 01, 2019

Characters: just a youngin' trying to figure it out. ⊰
Playbys: algee smith. ⊰
Lengths: Multi Para,Para

𝐶𝘩𝑜𝑠𝑒𝑛 𝐽𝑒𝑑𝑖.


Male, 28
United States

Last Login: September 09, 2019

Characters: Anakin Skywalker
Verses: Star Wars/Crossovers
Playbys: Hayden Christensen
Lengths: Multi Para,Para
Genre: Action, Crossover, Drama, Fantasy, Movie, Science Fiction,


The Outsiders AU (Multi Para) Staying Gold RPG

Male, 26
Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States

Last Login: June 15, 2019

Characters: Mason Shepard
Verses: The Outsiders AU
Playbys: Jeremy Allen White
Lengths: Multi Para


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