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05/26/2020 12:19 PM 

A Witch's Helping Hand {Closed Role-Play}

Raven was in her store as she was closing it up. It was close to closing, the sun had already set a while ago, and it was close to nine in the evening. Earlier that day she had gotten a phone call from a man named Wesely; and said that her services were needed, and that his boss Angel would be there that night. She was surprised to get the call, she usually just gave potions, herbs, and sometimes a location spell. However this call was mysterious, the 'services' needed weren't defined as what it would be that she'd do. She was in the back of the store placing the last of certain items away, when she heard the bell over the door ring. "I'll be there in a moment." She yelled out, as she put everything away, and she headed towards the front. This day she was wearing a more 'casual-goth' look, at least that's what others would call it,it's what her modeling agency called it. She decided to have her hair black and blue that day; because she was a natural born Witch, and had a Succubus residing inside of her, she could change her hair color at will. She smiled as she made her way to the front.When she reached the front, she stopped in mid stride as she arched a single brow as she knew that scent, he was a vampire. She hesitated for a moment, but made it the rest of the way to the man, and she offered her hand to him. "Good evening, I am Raven; I am going to assume that you're Angel?" She asked waiting for him to accept her hand. "What can I do for you?" She asked awaiting his response.


05/26/2020 12:25 PM 

Portfolio | cs

Bridal bouqet, boutinier, and bridesmaid bouquet 

Lυηαтιc Ƒяιηgє

05/26/2020 11:44 PM 

Family Meeting (TW Gore)

Family Meeting (TW for Gore) SEC week 4 drabble lunatic fringe /1586603 What did that lousy moniker mean anyway? The vampire community spoke of Always and Forever and how it bound The Originals. His name was Malachai Parker and he hated his family so much. He'd actually killed his family members rather violently. The Parkers were different though. They were Gemini Coven witches and not the first immortal vampires. They all died in a magnificent spray of blood and savagery. It was intoxicating.Kai was pacing back and forth like a caged animal. “Even though they fight and bicker over the years, The Mikaelsons and even the Salvatores actually care about one another. What do I get? A family that makes you merge with your twin to be Coven leader. What good is that? Huh?” The heretic was in a place he didn’t recognize, but it didn’t matter. There was a man tied in a chair with his mouth gagged and his eyes wide in terror. There were already open wounds from his neck where Kai had already fed once…maybe twice.He ceased his ranting long enough to witness the man with an open wound on his neck fluttering his eyelashes long enough to fight to stay conscious. “Awww…. Still wondering what happened to your family? Well George, let’s go have a look.” He snatched the man up by the arm and started to drag him from room to room. First stop was the oldest son’s room.The man screamed against his gag when he realized that his son was laying in a pool of his own blood. “Junior here gave it the old college try. He even hit me on the jaw.” Kai used two fingers to frame his chin showing that the boy tried to fight before he died. “He had guts. So I ripped them out of him.” He pointed to the fact the boy who was about 15 that had been gutted like a fish complete with his large intestine dropped over the edge of the bed. Kai patted the man’s shoulder. “He reminded me of Jeremy Gilbert. The punk deserved to die not be a badass hunter.” Kai rolled his eyes and drug the crying man already weak from blood loss to the next room.“Families are nothing but an anchor around your neck George. The Mikaelsons and their Always and Forever tripe is meaningless. Fear is the ultimate power George.” Truth was Kai had no idea what the man’s name was not did he care. “Take Jenny here. She acted like a whiny little b.itch, so I kept stabbing her in the neck.” He seemed so proud of himself and his chaos. The 17 year old daughter was nearly decapitated by the repeated stabbing to her neck. The father narrowed his eyes to notice that the girls eyes had been gouged out and her cheeks were stained with optical jelly. “She wouldn’t stop crying so I made her stop. Simple as that. Crocodile tears made her look like Elena Gilbert. Did I mention I put Elena in a sleep coma once because it would piss off her boyfriend Damon Salvatore? Oohhh right yeah.” Kai was on his high horse with his hatred of everything and wasn’t stopping any time soon.The man’s eyes were puffy with tears. His children had been brutally slaughtered like animals. He had no idea who this man was ranting about Always and Forever. It was pretty obvious he was a serial killer or a lunatic. More than likely it was both. The smell of death and decay made the man who was the head of this house violently ill. He wasn’t foolish enough to think he was going to live through this. He knew he was going to die. This psychopath needed an audience. He was that audience. The moment that show was over, he knew he’d be dead.“Come on George, we got one more stop to make.” He drug the man into the kitchen. His wife usually kept an immaculate kitchen when everything was right with the world. “Stella here tried to keep me from finding the kiddies. You’d have been proud of her George. She was a protective momma right to the end. There was a gaping hole in the middle of her chest. Laying beside her was a bloody little thing that was the size of her fist. Her face was etched in horrific surprise. “I do get why the Mikaelsons like to rip out hearts. The feel of that pulsing organ in your hand….” Wicked glee covered his face. It was almost sexual how he spoke of pulling her heart from her chest. “This part of Always and Forever I can dig.” He grinned broadly knowing how malevolent he looked. The pungent smell of fresh urine made Kai smirk. “Damn George, this is really getting bad for you, isn’t it?” His phony sympathy rang hollow in the grand scheme of things.Kai drug him out of the kitchen and into the study where this little soliloquy began. “Now here we are. Always and Forever is balls and so are families.” He dropped the man down in his chair as Kai stood over him. “This is where we part company George. It’s been real. It’s been fun, but it’s not been real fun.” The horrified man tried to brace himself, but Kai moved faster than the man’s brain could register. A moment later, a loud thud filled the air as his head was separated from his body. “DAYUMN. Now I know why Damon liked this so much!” He stepped back like Freddie Mercury and shot his bloody hand straight into the air. He started singing rather loudly with stressed importance on the first syllable. “HEEEERRRRRE we are. Born to be Kings! We’re the princes of the universe!”Kai strutted out of the man’s house with a sardonic grin that would never go away. He was Kai Parker. He was always and forever. Mikaelsons and Salvatores had nothing on him. He made death his b.itch and walked towards Mystic Falls as confident as could be. Nothing could stop him now.    Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil. credit: james kriet


05/26/2020 10:18 PM 

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Discussions. Lew- 5/23/2020Rose-5/25/2020Starters.Luna- 5/26/2020Wendigo-5/26/2020You owe Me.Peter Young. 

starters, owes, discussions


05/26/2020 06:22 PM 

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